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Kevin Smith and the Corporation That Cared

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Kevin Smith has been launching a rather nasty tirade at Southwest Airlines over the last couple days after he was removed from a flight from San Francisco to Burbank for being too fat.  I’ve always been very impressed with Southwest’s policy of looking out for the fatties in their planes.   I for one wish that Mister Smith would have taken the incident as an incentive to start losing a bit of weight for his own good and for the good of those around him.  He is a celebrity after all and there are standards.

I’ve written much about my own struggle raising a fat daughter.  At age 13, she’s 5’7″ and back up to 125 pounds.  I’ve tried everything I could to get through to her.  Today I cut out a newspaper story about Kevin Smith not being able to fly and taped it to my refrigerator for the weekends when my daughter is visiting.  I’m very hopeful that this will drive home a point with her.

Kevin Smith has argued that he fit into his seat and the women on either side of him were not uncomfortable, but what he doesn’t understand is that they still had to look at him.   Nobody wants to see a fat person ruining their otherwise calm and tranquil trip through the clouds.   Southwest Airlines apologized and offered to give Kevin Smith a $100 voucher.   Although this is considerably more than he grossed from his film Jersey Girl, Smith declined.

It’s a shame to see a caring company like Southwest get bad press for being concerned about Mr. Smith’s fate.   Fortunately, there have been a large number of skinny people who have rightly called Kevin out on being a porker.   Let’s face it compared to having to sit next to a fat person is far more annoying on a long flight than sitting next to somebody who has not used enough deodorant or too much perfume, people who are two sheets to the wind from the airport bar, people with crying babies, people recapping their who trip to a large extended family on their cell phone, or people who want to listen to Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night by the Black Eyed Peas on their too loud Ipod for the duration of their flight.   It’s only fair that fat people be singled out to pay more to the airline for their gargantuan size.

There is talk of a fat acceptance group boycotting Southwest Airlines.   One thing’s for sure–they’d never try that on McDonalds.  There’s a real simple two step solution to weight loss.  If people would simply eat less and work out more, they’d see their belt sizes dropping in no time.  It’s just that easy.


Written by thatsrightnate

February 15, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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