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Is It Time for Another Inquisition?

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I am not a Catholic and I have often put down Papists because their beliefs in transubstantiation, the Pope, as well as their use of idols and statues dooms them to eternal damnation.   However, I have always enjoyed the papists’ belief in a top down authority based religion.   Catholics always knew where they stood because the Pope set policy and all the Catholics followed the company line–kind of like Dick Cheney in the Bush White House.

Nowadays, the Catholic church seems very diverse and espousing contradictory edicts at the same time.  The Pope has not condemned an attempt to make homosexuality in Uganda a capital crime and a Catholic school in Mississippi just canceled their prom over fears that a lesbian couple might attend.  The obvious way to read this is that the Catholic church remains steadfastly against gays.   Unfortunately, the whole matter is clouded by the revelation of gay sex at the Vatican.  According to the Guardian,  “Angelo Balducci, a Gentleman of His Holiness, was caught by police on a wiretap allegedly negotiating with Thomas Chinedu Ehiem, a 29-year-old Vatican chorister, over the specific physical details of men he wanted brought to him.”

The thing that’s really confusing is with the latest health care legislation.  After the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops condemned Health Care legislation for making it easier for women to get an abortion, the Catholic Health Association, prominent Catholic theologians, and “60 leaders of religious orders representing 59,000 Catholic nuns” broke with the bishops and called for the passage of the Senate legislation.  Now ordinarily in a situation like this, the obvious choice is for the schism to lead to the formation of two churches.   However, the Catholics like other Italian organizations such as the mafia have never been very fond of allowing members to leave.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops was quick to point out that the signatories don’t speak for all nuns.  After all there are over 68,000 nuns in the United States leading one to think that nearly 10,000 nuns agreed with the Bishops instead.   As the USCCB correctly points out, they don’t speak for every nun in the United States.  Then again, they are the leaders of the orders and nuns take a vow of obedience.  Like I said, it gets confusing.

I asked Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA), himself a Catholic, to explain the Bishop’s objections and he did like this, “Last year, there were nearly 40,000 deaths caused by drunk driving.  You need only 3 things to drunk drive–a car, alcohol, and a road.  I have been opposing Obama’s stimulus packages because they encourage road building, which can be used to drive drunk.  The Catholic Bishops feel much the same way about health care.  Health care could make abortions more easily attainable so naturally they’re against them.”

I can see where the Catholics are coming from.   Even if 100 people have their lives saved because of access to health care, if one woman is able to use federal money to get an abortion it would not be right.  This is of course different than the views of the Catholic Chuch on their current sex scandals in Europe where they believe that a couple of hundred child abusers should be an indictment of the other priests in the country.

The only way to settle this out is for the Pope to decide what is and what isn’t Catholic dogma.  After all, he’s infallible when it comes to dogma.  Once he has that figured out, the Catholics need another inquisition so that orthodoxy can be maintained.   I only hope it happens before it’s too late.


Written by thatsrightnate

March 20, 2010 at 9:22 pm

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  1. good one, Nate. So much hypocrisy, it boggles teh mind.


    March 22, 2010 at 10:33 pm

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