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No Longer The Land of the Free

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The conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation yesterday, has downgraded the United States from free to mostly free in its list of the most free countries in the world.   The organization blames the free spending of the Obama administration and American’s increasing roll in health care.  So what countries are freer than the United States?  Here’s the list:

1. Hong Kong – Hong Kong is the freest country on the planet.  In fact it’s so free it isn’t even a country.  What keeps Hong Kong free is its amazing police force, which has come under attack for using violence to suppress non-violent protesters, but after all, a strong police force is the key to freedom.   With the Chinese government safeguarding the people’s basic rights–I expect Hong Kong to remain on this list for a long time.

2. Singapore – What keeps Singapore free?  For one thing, they don’t coddle criminals.  Singapore has the highest rate of capital punishment in the world.   They also don’t put up with left wing reporters.  In 2007, Reporters Without Borders named Singapore the 141st out 167 countries in press freedom.  The Heritage Foundation’s finding is a major step up for Singapore, which is usually ranked as partly free or repressive in world rankings.  Singapore has discovered that nothing promotes freedom like a good caning.

3. Australia -The only western democracy without a bill of rights, Australia never has to worry about violating any rights.

4. New Zealand – New Zealand is most famous for banning satire in 2007.   However, if you remain perfectly serious, New Zealand truly is a paradise for freedom seekers

5. Ireland- The Republic of Ireland has come a long way since British rule.   In the last 25 years contraceptives have been legalized and the Irish have been able to divorce for the past dozen years and for those without an unwanted pregnancy or an incandescent light bulb, freedom here is absolute.

6. Switzerland – Compulsory service helps to keep Switzerland free.  At age 19, 2/3 of Swiss men go into the military, but another 1/3 find a route to alternate service.

7. Canada – This one bothers me.  I find it so sad that Obama’s big government spending has made us less free than Canada.

I hope this will be a wake up call for the United States.  There is no shame in being less free than countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.  However, I fear that if Obama and the Democrats don’t start waking up and doing something about this huge debt they’re running up with two wars and the economic crisis, we may soon find ourselves behind countries like Germany and England.


Written by thatsrightnate

April 8, 2010 at 9:03 pm

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