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Lone Gunmen March on Virginia to Say, “We’re Not Alone”

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Will we surrender the rights that old-timey people like this fought so hard to defend?

It was like Martin Luther King’s famous March on Washington, but with guns.  Literally dozens of conservative second amendment activists marched in Virginia where open carry  is legal to let the government in Washington, DC know that they would not be ignored.   Said protester Robert  Cooper, “A lot of the time people think of us as quiet types who keep to ourselves, but that’s not true.  I’m on the HAM Radio most every night and I know some of these guys have wi-fi in their bomb shelters.  It’s time we stand together and be counted.”

“We’re in a war. The other side knows they are at war, because they started it,” said Larry Pratt, president of the Gun Owners of America. “They are coming for our freedom, for our money, for our kids, for our property. They are coming for everything because they are a bunch of socialists.”

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Georgia, said “we must declare war against oppression and against socialism, and you are the people to do that” adding that he was in no way advocating violence and it was merely a coincidence that the rally was held on the anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Rally members were naturally on edge that any moment martial law could be declared and they could have their guns confiscated and be put in detention caps.  One thing’s for sure, those socialist baby stealers will think twice about messing with these brave patriots whether they drink their own urine or not.


Written by thatsrightnate

April 19, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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