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Lessons Learned From Memorial Day About DADT

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John Wayne and George Takei from the classic The Green Berets

First, allow me to say that I was never fortunate to serve in the armed forces.   I was unfortunate to be born to an upper middle class household with a family business that needed looking after.  I knew that the best way to serve my country was by continuing to prosper was to expand the family business so that I could hire more Americans hypothetically, that could even include returning veterans.   I thrilled to reports of the US military in action in Grenada, Panama, and the Middle East, but I always knew that I would never be lucky enough to serve myself.

Much of what I have learned about the horror and glory of war, I’ve learned from war movies.    I don’t there is anything like experiencing the sheer terror of those brave men on the US Arizona who were victims of a surprise attack on December 7th, 1941 except perhaps watching the stunning computer generated effects of Michael Bay’s classic Pearl Harbor movie.   I may never have got the chance to be slapped in the face by Patton, but there was always George C. Scott to teach me what it would have been like.

One thing that separates good war movies from great war movies is the hard fighting men and in some cases women of the film.   When you add a gay soldier to the plot, the movie becomes moralistic and preachy.   Inside of a fierce fighting force, we’re left with an army that’s more concerned with feelings and emotions than with killing and conquering.  It seems that some in Congress think that this is a good idea for our armed forces.  I must ask, have they ever seen a war movie?

In the classic film The Green Berets, John Wayne says, “Out here due process is a bullet.”  That’s what the military is all about.  It’s not pretty, but the actors of Green Beret got it.   There simply isn’t the time in war for the niceties of civil rights.


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May 31, 2010 at 9:00 pm

Defending Rand Paul

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Rand Paul has been under attack lately since he was the victim of Rachel Maddow’s particular brand of Gotcha Journalism.   This new style of reporting ignores what your guest has carefully prepared to say on your show and instead of listening to his answers like a responsible journalist would, you throw a whole lot of facts at him so that when his statements fail to hold up to your crazy suppositions, you can say “gotcha” and make your guest look like an idiot.

In the Maddow/Paul fiasco Miss Maddow asked Paul if he believed that government should get involved in matters involving private businesses and their rights to refuse service or set their own rules for their establishment.   Being a strict libertarian of course Rand Paul said “No”.  Maddow immediately pounced on him by asking if that meant he was against the civil rights act.  Suddenly, Rand Paul’s answers seemed racist.  Nothing is further from the truth.

Rand Paul is not saying that black people should all go to the back of the bus—not all buses anyway.   What Rand Paul says is that public transportation, which is paid for by city tax dollars should allow black people to sit anywhere they please.   Meanwhile, a private bus company like Greyhound should in theory be allowed to have a black seating section on the back of the bus.   It may seem rather unreasonable to turn back the clock on civil rights 50 years, but alas that is the price of living in a Constitution Republic like ours.  Let us not forget that Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal witlessness.”

Desegregation and integration would work the same ways in other areas of society.   Jim Crow laws would only be applicable in private settings and not in public buildings:

  • Restaurants: Restaurants would again be allowed to refuse service on the basis of race unless they were in a publicly funded building like a museum.
  • Schools: School integration would continue pretty much unchanged with charter schools being allowed to continue to exclude minorities, while public schools could not.
  • Bathrooms: For minorities, find a bathroom they could use would be as simple as heading to the nearest public building.

This may seem oppressive, but remember there are sacrifices to be made for true liberty.   It may be tempting to restart the protest segregation all over again, but I hope that reasonable people will wait until we have enough time to figure out where the public police department’s jurisdiction ends and the private police department’s begins.  We certainly don’t want police trying to arrest police anymore than we want both the private and public fire departments showing up at the same time.

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May 30, 2010 at 6:14 pm

So Where Has Nate Been?

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Sometimes, I go through writer’s block and nothing in the news catches my ire enough to inspire me to produce a new blog post.   In general though, I figure I’m good for 5 a week.   That number has fallen well off despite this being a banner week for stupid people doing stupid things.  So what gives?  What’s so important.   The only answer I can give is to go to my other blog. Things should return to normal by Saturday.  Please keep visiting.  I still read the responses.


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May 19, 2010 at 9:09 pm

Does Miss USA Have Terrorist Ties?

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Last night, Michigan’s Rima Fakih was crowned as Miss Universe.   Ms. Fakih was born, not in this country, but in Lebanon. As somebody who never misses a chance to spending an evening in my pajamas watching a pageant, I was both crushed and disappointed.   In the past, beauty pageants have always been the way that we have found those rare women who could speak for their generation.    Amazing women like Phyllis George, Sarah Palin, and Carrie Prejean first came to the public’s attention through their beauty, but it was the pageant that gave them a platform for their intellect.

I thought we had found a worthy successor last night, when Miss Oklahoma’s Morgan Elizabeth Woolard came out with a statement in favor of States Rights worthy of Alabama Governor George Wallace himself.   Ms. Woolard responded to a question from the Mexican on The Office by saying, “I’m a huge believer in states’ rights. I think that’s what’s so wonderful about America.”

As a blonde, Woolard seems a likely candidate to be a future anchor on Fox News.   Unfortunately, Ms. Fakih’s career choices seem considerably  limited.   As Daniel Pipes points out, Muslim women have won 5 beauty pageants in 5 years making one believe that there must be at least some sort of affirmative action at work here.

Rima Fakih could best be described as a homely woman.   One need only look at her long shapely legs, her curvaceous figure, her big doe eyes, her supple lips, her thick flowing hair to see why so many Muslim women wear burkas.  OK, maybe that’s going to I’ve been staring at her picture for the last 20 minutes and she seems to grow on you a little, but like any femme fatale you know it starts off with a wink and ends with you wearing explosive shoes onto an airplane.   OK, according to her blog she’s supporting Republican Michael Bouchard for Governor of Michigan—Oh my she’s a Republican too.   I think I can cure this woman.

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May 17, 2010 at 6:43 pm

Louis Gohmert & Iranian Cleric Call for Modesty

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Last month, Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media, “”Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.”   He was naturally lambasted by conservatives such as myself for making such a crackpot suggestion.

The website Sodahead mocked,  “Ah yes. Those fantastic moral codes. The ones that strive to keep the entire male race safe from evil, corrupting female sexuality. Because there’s nothing that angers God more than a nice pair of boobs.”

All over the internet conservatives mocked Muslims and the idea that women wearing skimpy clothing could possibly cause any kind of global calamity.  It turns out that we may have been a bit hasty.   As Representative Louis Gohmert (R-TX) points out, “It’s an absolute breakdown in morality and when you lose morality you get economic chaos and historically when you get economic chaos people have always been willing to give up liberty and that’s what you’re seeing now.”

Now, this isn’t an earthquake, but it’s pretty damming evidence that the big government takeover of the Obama administration and the current economic downturn are both probably closely connected to the rising of hemlines and the lowering of necklines.   I’m glad the Louis Gohmert has kept an open mind to the dangers of this sort of thing, whether you believe he came to this conclusion independently or borrowed it from Sedighi.

Gohmert also points out in observing the pictures of scantily clad Miss USA contestants, that if a man were to wear one of these outfits, “he’s covered under the Hate Crimes Act.”

Louis, I think I hear those wheels turning again.

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May 12, 2010 at 9:40 pm

Utah Conservatives Score Victory over Liberal Bennet

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Neo-Socialist RINO Robert Bennett was defeated this week in the Republican Primary for Utah Senator coming in third behind Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee.   Bennett angered many grass roots conservatives by attempting to pass legislation and work with Democrats instead of voting against every Democratic proposal sight unseen.   A tearful Bennett called that atmosphere “toxic”, but his mood was in contrast to conservatives who reacted jubilantly.   Party delegate Steve Ford celebrated the news with his wives saying, “This is a victory for conservatives across the country.  We need politicians with principles and we’ll do what we can to get them.”

Bennett, one of the more liberal members of the United States Senate, has a long history of championing far left causes.   While he’s been a consistent pro-life vote he has shown some support for stem cell research.   While being the only member of either party against the Domestic Powers Benefits and Obligations Act, which would provide benefits to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian federal employees, he lacked the requisite conservative scowl.

Bennett has also failed to crack down on issues important to Utah conservatives such as women wearing pants in public, state residents who skip Sunday church services, and race mixing.   While there is no tea party in Utah because tea is a caffeinated beverage and hence prohibited by the Mormon faith, a grassroots conservative movement has likewise sprung up in the Polygamy State.  This was indeed a grim day for Democrat hopes in the 2010 election.

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May 10, 2010 at 9:08 pm

Kagan Dangerous Choice for Supreme Court Justice

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I had hoped that Obama would get behind somebody that was a consensus candidate for the Supreme Court like Justices Alito and Roberts were.   I could have easily seen him going with an Alberto Gonzalez, John Yoo, or my personal favorite  Judge Mathis as a pick that both parties could get behind.  Unfortunately, Obama went with ultra-liberal Elena Kagan who has shown a disdain for the Constitution and the legal precedents our founding fathers set forth or even the newer guiding legal principles the Roberts court set forth in the Citizens United Case.

Reaction has been swift.  Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA)  wrote on April 10th, “Right now, the Democrats have a majority, but we must not allow them to pack this court with another radical. We need only look at this nominee’s judicial record to see a long history of supporting liberal special interests and turning their back on the family values and fiscal conservatism that this country was founded on.  As I mentioned earlier, judicial temperament is just as important as strict adherence to the Constitutionalism. That is why I can’t understand why Obama has selected a nominee who is alternately bookishly withdrawn and prone to rage. Surely, there were other potential nominees who were better qualified.”

So far most criticism I’ve seen of Kagan on Twitter has come down to three things:

  1. She’s not very attractive
  2. She may be sexually attracted to women
  3. She’s an extremist

Any one of those traits should keep somebody from sharing the bench from a Constitutional scholar like Justice Scalia.  We have a big fight ahead of us folks.   Let’s get rolling.

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May 9, 2010 at 9:39 pm

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