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Mark Kirk — Super Spy

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Representative Mark Kirk (R-IL) shown here with two "Kirk Girls"

Representative Mark Kirk (R-IL) has been getting a lot of heat lately because of a web video that claimed,  “The Navy named Mark Intelligence Officer of the Year for his combat service in Kosovo.”

Obviously, such a false claim is inexcusable.  Kirk, whose Illinois Senate campaign has emphasized his service in the Navy Reserves, acknowledged last week that he did not receive the award, despite a claim in his official biography and his own statements in a 2002 House committee hearing.   I’d be a hypocrite if I called for anything less than Kirk’s ouster after making similar calls for Max Blumenthal to step down.   Such lies are inexcusable…if they’re lies.

Think about it.  You know who is probably a bad intelligence officer?  The spy who really was given the intelligence officer of the year award.  When you’re dealing with intelligence misinformation is the key.   Think about it, when have you ever heard anyone utter the line, “Oh 007, I saw you at the Spy of the Year Awards.  Most impressive Mr. Bond”?

A good intelligence officer or spy wouldn’t exactly publicize that they were an intelligence officer.   Maybe Mark Kirk really did win the war, but it’s being covered up because the government doesn’t want it leaking out so they took a front and made that person the official “intelligence officer of the year”.  I imagine that Mark Kirk then would have been given the real award at a separate ceremony.  Rather than criticizing Mark Kirk, maybe we should honor him for winning intelligence officer of the year and also for helping to cover it up to protect state secrets.


Written by thatsrightnate

June 1, 2010 at 8:21 pm

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