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Joining The Kimble Campaign

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I apologize that I have let this blog go a bit, but I’m happy to announce that the reason is I’ve joined Jack Kimble’s reelection campaign.  For readers of this blog, Jack Kimble is old hat.  He’s gone from being an interview segment to being somebody I would gladly donate a kidney or spleen to.  While Jack is not exactly on the political radar, I think we can use that to our advantage.  I see big things in his future including a 2016 Presidential run.  It’s exciting to get behind a candidate you believe in and for me Jack Kimble is that man.

The above Voices of the 54th District Mailer was created by me for the Kimble campaign and I’m really proud that I am getting involved.  At this time Jack isn’t even asking for donations.  He’s been getting plenty of financing from his father and various corporate lobbyists that support him.  I guess I’m kind of like the George Stefanapulous character in The War Room.   However, if you want to support Jack, you can follow him:

Twitter – @Repjackkimble
Website –

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