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White House Owes Andrew Breitbart an Apology

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Who hasn’t been in this position?  You meet a girl and you joke around with her.  You playfully call her a bitch, and she laughs and responds that you’re a bastard.  Then you go a step further and use a little Mel Gibson language and she pours a drink on you or slaps your face.   The same thing happened to Andrew Breitbart in a way.

You see Breitbart first came to national attention when his deceptively edited video made ACORN look like they were supporting prostitution.  The result was without really checking out the video, ACORN was defunded.   Even today, many people have not paid attention to the troubling aspects of the video like the employees who called the police about the “pimp” and “prostitute” who visited.

Seeing what he had made and calling it successful journalism, Breitbart shoddily edited another video tape and was shocked to find everybody overreacting.  An innocent woman was fired and Fox News was left with egg on their face after promoting the video.  What mistake did Breitbart make?  Simply put, he was too trusting.   He trusted the Obama administration to investigate the video, find out what it was and then leftists and patriotic Americans could fight in the media about what really happened in the media.  Unfortunately, when the White House didn’t do their job and overreacted Breitbart was left holding the bag when people mistakenly blamed him for an innocent woman losing her job.  Of course isn’t true.  While Ms. Sherod may not have said anything racist in this speech, she probably did in another one.

The White House needs to react immediately to apologize to Andrew Breitbart and restore his good name.  They are the ones who have dragged it through the mud by believe him and not checking out the facts.   Until they do, Breitbart remains a victim of the reverse-racism of the Obama White House.


Written by thatsrightnate

July 22, 2010 at 8:39 pm

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