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Indians Must Do Their Part to Keep Undesirables Out

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By now you’ve probably read about the judge’s decision today on Arizona House Bill 1070.  It was a terrible blow for freedom loving Americans everywhere who know what a great country we have and don’t want foreigners messing it up.  I want to address House Bill 1070 tonight, but I planned today’s blog before the Judge’s ruling so I want to talk about something else—Native Americans and immigration.

I’ve noticed that in Arizona, the new immigration law has received a great deal of resistance from the American Indian community.   It occurs to me that a large part of the problem is educating Indians.   You see, I don’t think Indians are actually hostile to enforcing the law as much as uninformed as to what’s at stake.  Just like the rest of us, Native Americans have an obligation to enforce immigration laws because of the danger that illegal aliens possess to our way of life.  When you have some 12,000,000 illegal immigrants entering your country, you can’t hope but find it transformed.  I am sure once Native Americans understand these issues, they will side with us.

Profiling in Arizona need not be done racially.  Frankly, nobody under 60 who isn’t an illegal immigrant has any interest in going to Arizona anyway.  Actually, that’s probably closer to 70–about the age when a doctor tells you that a warm, dry, climate is the only thing that can keep you alive.  Ironically, Mexico has such a climate.   Anyway, if the cops simply say they’re pulling everybody who doesn’t look 60, there’s no protest–just a thought.


Written by thatsrightnate

July 28, 2010 at 9:14 pm

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