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Christmas is for the Family

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Please excuse me for the tone of this particular blog entry.   It seems I ran out of egg nog and have been drinking straight rum since 2PM.  Anyway, Christmas Eve is the tradition for me.   I get my daughter Emily for Christmas Eve and it’s beautiful.   This year she got me a talking Ronald Reagan action figure and I got her an elliptical machine.  It can be difficult giving the practical gifts and letting her mom give her the stuff she actually wants, but at only 5’7″ and tipping the scales at 120 pounds, I think she can really use the exercise machine.  I love my Ronald Reagan.

I always spend Christmas Day the same way–watching the movie Taxi Driver.  I’ve seen it 4 times so far today and I think I’ll put it in another  before bed.   I really love the movie and it’s become such a Christmas tradition since my wife left me.   I’m sorry to say that Christmas kind of stinks anymore because it’s become a socialist holiday.   I remember when I was a kid, I didn’t get anything from Santa 4 times before the age of 10.   The reason is, my father didn’t think I was very good those years.  Nowadays kids just expect that they’ll get a toy every year.   This rum is really good.

Christmas (or for my Jewish readers Hanukkah) gives people the feeling of renewal–the belief that mankind can be saved by a small child.   2009 may not have been a great year for many of us, but I hope that 2010 will find things much improved.   Your presence on this blog has been a great gift for me and if you might tell a friend or two about it, it would be even sweeter.  In the next week we’ll find out the nominees for this year’s Natie awards celebrating the best in blogging over the past year.  Remember the story of it’s a Wonderful Life and how much good one man can do if he’s willing to give up on world travel to get into banking and give mortgages to people that other banks believe are too risky.


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December 25, 2009 at 7:05 pm

Economic Downturn Hits Families Hard

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The sad thing about the Obama recession is the way that its hurting ordinary families.   Nowhere is this clearer than with the groups who help us raise our kids and protect them from liberal, homosexual, and secular humanist agendas. They have done great work making gay people straight, prohibiting gambling, and getting rid of the myth of evolution in American schools.

James Dobson’s Focus of the Family group announced Monday that it would be cutting 202 jobs this holiday season and outsourcing another 46.  The group which just spent $500,000  on the Proposition 8 battle in California has been protecting American families for 32 years.

It isn’t too late to help another family group.  The American Family Association who has most of the same family focused pro-heterosexual (as opposed to anti-gay) pro family friendly media views as Focus on the Family is selling the greatest holiday decorations on their e-store.

The illuminated decorations look like crosses lit on fire and I think will look great on anybody’s porch or lawn showing your faith for all to see.  I’ve already purchased one for the black family that lives down the street from me.  Things got a bit strained between us during the election and I want them to know there are no hard feelings.  I can just imagine the look on their faces to when they come home from church on Christmas Eve night to see this symbol of God’s love illuminating their lawn where their Obama sign used to be.

The decorations can be ordered at the American Family Association website , but it would probably be a good idea to get those orders in as soon as you can.  Let’s do something for families this Christmas.