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Christmas is for the Family

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Please excuse me for the tone of this particular blog entry.   It seems I ran out of egg nog and have been drinking straight rum since 2PM.  Anyway, Christmas Eve is the tradition for me.   I get my daughter Emily for Christmas Eve and it’s beautiful.   This year she got me a talking Ronald Reagan action figure and I got her an elliptical machine.  It can be difficult giving the practical gifts and letting her mom give her the stuff she actually wants, but at only 5’7″ and tipping the scales at 120 pounds, I think she can really use the exercise machine.  I love my Ronald Reagan.

I always spend Christmas Day the same way–watching the movie Taxi Driver.  I’ve seen it 4 times so far today and I think I’ll put it in another  before bed.   I really love the movie and it’s become such a Christmas tradition since my wife left me.   I’m sorry to say that Christmas kind of stinks anymore because it’s become a socialist holiday.   I remember when I was a kid, I didn’t get anything from Santa 4 times before the age of 10.   The reason is, my father didn’t think I was very good those years.  Nowadays kids just expect that they’ll get a toy every year.   This rum is really good.

Christmas (or for my Jewish readers Hanukkah) gives people the feeling of renewal–the belief that mankind can be saved by a small child.   2009 may not have been a great year for many of us, but I hope that 2010 will find things much improved.   Your presence on this blog has been a great gift for me and if you might tell a friend or two about it, it would be even sweeter.  In the next week we’ll find out the nominees for this year’s Natie awards celebrating the best in blogging over the past year.  Remember the story of it’s a Wonderful Life and how much good one man can do if he’s willing to give up on world travel to get into banking and give mortgages to people that other banks believe are too risky.


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December 25, 2009 at 7:05 pm

5 More Amazing Christmas Gifts

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Many of you have told me how much you appreciated my Amazing Christmas Gifts post awhile back.  Well since that I posted that I found some new gifts and thought a few things I forgot about so allow me to present 5 more amazing gifts for the holiday season.

5. Jesus Inspirational Sports Figures — For your Christian sports fan what could be better than Jesus Christ himself playing your favorite sport.  I admit as a hockey fan I was a little disappointed to see soccer in there and hockey omitted, but these amazing statues from are truely divine.  Best of all, Jesus is dressed in white so he can be repainted in your favorite team colors. ($21.95)

4. Santa Door Greeter — Is there a better way to keep yourself in the mood for Christmas than with a large motion sensing door greeter Santa Claus that screams out “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas” and plays an electronic Christmas carol every single time somebody opens the door over and over and over again.  Just think how your family will light up on Christmas Eve when the Santa goes off 10 or 20 or 30 times.  I found this one on EBay for less than $10  ($9.99). [Thanks to Scootmandubious for finding this one.]

3. Lockdown: The Liberal Agenda to Bankrupt the Self-Storage Industry and Turn America into a Third-World Country by Nate Peele — This Dusk Jacket will fit over any hardcover book between 350-400 pages and at $7.99 is considerably cheaper than most new books.  You can read more about my exciting new Dusk Jacket deal in the archive ($7.99)

2. Pretty in Mink Calendar – The sexiest women of the conservative movement together in a calendar that shows their outer as well as inner beauty.  This calendar which is great to rub in the face of any PETA activist is to show them the lovely Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin wrapped in mink on your wall.  The calendar advertisement doesn’t really show pictures, but it claims to turn back time for the conservative women  and ” made them up into glamorous movie stars of classic Hollywood.”  I’m looking forward to seeing the lovely Ms. Coulter as Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind. ($25)

1. Self Storage Gift Certificates – For $100 you can pay for a 5×10 storage space for a month.  This is an ideal gift for a child moving back home with you after losing his job or a friend who got foreclosed on.  Individual storage prices vary from location to location, but please remember storage units are not proper housing and should not be used as such. (Varies)

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December 6, 2008 at 7:12 pm

That’s Right Nate’s 12 Amazing Christmas Gifts

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Let’s face it–gift giving is hard work. This year I’d really suggest cash as a gift, but that’s just not sentimental enough for some people. I was going to make a list of 10 great gifts, but I decided in honor of the song 12 Days of Christmas to go with a list of 12 well-received Christmas gifts for conservatives.

12. The Free Live Nativity at the Creation Museum ($21.95 adult admission) – Christmas is a great time to celebrate that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and no place does it better than the Creation Museum located just 7 miles from the Cincinnati Airport.

11. Toby Keith – 35 Biggest Hits ($9.99 on Amazon) – This great double cd set was $19 back in May, but now you can pick up two and a half hours of Toby Keith for less than $10.  What real American won’t enjoy listening to songs like Courtesy of the Red White and Blue and Big Ol’ Truck.  You just want to make sure you keep it away from any Dixie Chicks CDs you haven’t burnt yet.

10. Dunkin’ Doughnuts Gift Cards ($10 Denominations up to $200) – If the person you’re gifting drinks a lot of coffee or sits around all day in a mind-numbingly dull office managing the family business as he deals with employees that barely speak English they’ll love this rechargeable gift card from Dunkin’ Doughnuts.  Coffee or Cream Filled–it covers them both.

9. Sarah Palin and  Joe the Plumber Action Figure (32.95 for Joe, 29.95 for Sarah)  – has a great line of Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin action figures that’ll help fill your children with conservative economic principles and a love of hunting.  Imagine the fun your children will have conducting interviews with their Sarah Palin figure or trying to get a country music contract as Joe the Plumber.  Celebrate the potential Republican ticket of 2012.

8. The American Family Association Burning Cross – I mentioned this one a few days back, but you can’t beat the message of God’s love for all as captured by the timeless symbol of a burning cross on your lawn or porch.  You also know you’re supporting an organization that is out to stop the liberal agenda so it really becomes a great lift on a couple of different levels.

7. Hobo Bubblegum Cigarettes ($8.95 for 6 packs from Archie McPhee) – This item combines two things that kids really love–hobos and pretending to smoke. Anybody my age remembers the plethora of toy cigarettes and cigars we used to see growing up in the 70s, but they’ve sadly disappeared along with Hobo stuff. Fortunately, there’s Archie Mcphee.

6. Fred Thompson 2012 T-Shirt ($14.95 for Coulter Sized, $16.95 for Limbaugh Sized) – What better way to remember the excitement of Fred’s 2008 run for the White House than by starting your support for his 2012 run early.  He’s the most dynamic man in politics today and these shirts help keep that excitement going for the next 4 years.

5. The Beer Belly – If you want to sneak beer into a sporting event, concert, or movie you’re limited. I like my Miller Lite and I like it for less than $8 a can. This ingenious device allows you to sneak your beer with you wherever you’re going and you simply look like you’ve got a gut. If you’re a woman you look pregnant. Believe me no security guard gets paid enough to search pregnant women.

4. Claxton Fruit Cake (2 lbs. for $17.95) – Nothing says you thought about somebody’s Christmas gift like the gift of fruit cake does. And Claxton’s has been selling the same batch of fruitcake since 1910 so you know its good.

3. Alan Keyes ($10,000) – You can book former Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes for $10,000 to speak to your group or organization.  Think what a hit he’d be at any dinner party you invited him to.  While people will usually book speakers for a large group, small groups are so much more intimate.  Mr. Keyes can be booked at the All-American Talent & Celebrity Network.

2. Superstars of the Conservative Movement Poster (Free) – OK don’t tell anybody how much you spent, but what Republican doesn’t like giving gifts without spending a dime.  This poster would look great framed in anybody’s office or living room and features such celebrated conservatives as Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Robert Novack, and many others.  The poster is available from the Young America’s Foundation website, and with such forceful conservative voices it’d be a value at twice the price.

1. Canned Goods (Price Varies) – With the economy in its current state, I think the inn gift this year will be canned goods.  Make sure they are non-perishable and try and select a variety.  5 pounds of peaches in light syrup probably won’t be as appreciated as several different cans of a variety of food.  When the food is gone, the can’s work great for putting under a leaky roof or using as a dinner glass. I haven’t included a web link here because a lot of times, you can find better deals at individual grocery stores.