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Lessons Learned From Memorial Day About DADT

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John Wayne and George Takei from the classic The Green Berets

First, allow me to say that I was never fortunate to serve in the armed forces.   I was unfortunate to be born to an upper middle class household with a family business that needed looking after.  I knew that the best way to serve my country was by continuing to prosper was to expand the family business so that I could hire more Americans hypothetically, that could even include returning veterans.   I thrilled to reports of the US military in action in Grenada, Panama, and the Middle East, but I always knew that I would never be lucky enough to serve myself.

Much of what I have learned about the horror and glory of war, I’ve learned from war movies.    I don’t there is anything like experiencing the sheer terror of those brave men on the US Arizona who were victims of a surprise attack on December 7th, 1941 except perhaps watching the stunning computer generated effects of Michael Bay’s classic Pearl Harbor movie.   I may never have got the chance to be slapped in the face by Patton, but there was always George C. Scott to teach me what it would have been like.

One thing that separates good war movies from great war movies is the hard fighting men and in some cases women of the film.   When you add a gay soldier to the plot, the movie becomes moralistic and preachy.   Inside of a fierce fighting force, we’re left with an army that’s more concerned with feelings and emotions than with killing and conquering.  It seems that some in Congress think that this is a good idea for our armed forces.  I must ask, have they ever seen a war movie?

In the classic film The Green Berets, John Wayne says, “Out here due process is a bullet.”  That’s what the military is all about.  It’s not pretty, but the actors of Green Beret got it.   There simply isn’t the time in war for the niceties of civil rights.


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May 31, 2010 at 9:00 pm

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Keeps Us Safe

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Our brave fighting men shouldnt have to put up with homosexual behavior in their ranks.

Our brave fighting men shouldn't have to put up with homosexual behavior in their ranks.

I’ve never been a big fan of don’t ask, don’t tell.   I think if you’re gay and somebody asks you, you should have to admit it.   However, I believe this policy is very important to keeping us safe.  Let’s try and take morality out of the question regardless of how difficult it is to look past the sinful lifestyles of homosexuals and try and analyze the situation fairly.

On the side for allowing homosexuals to serve openly is the fact that all other NATO countries do and our soldiers will be working with them anyway.   With the military overextended, we really can’t afford to lose about 650 soldiers every year under this policy especially when many potential gay recruits don’t join the military in the first place because of the policy.  Worse yet, some of the biggest shortages are in the areas of the most need–particularly Arab language translators. On the other hand, gays are kind of icky.   I mean God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.   Other than the whole eating from the tree of knowledge and getting kicked out of paradise thing, it seems to have served us very well.

The reason I’m writing on this topic is because of Rachel Maddow who I suspect may be gay herself.   She has short hair and never wears dresses.  She recently had a homosexual pilot on her show named Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach. Talk about a flamer. I don’t think you’d have to ask to see that he was gay. We were supposed to feel all bad because the country spent $25,000,000 to train him and now was kicking him out. They said he was a hero because he was decorated in two theaters while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, we know the troops need their entertainment even in a fire fight, and sure gays have shown a lot of talent in theater, but there’s a lot more to fighting a war than being able to put on a reasonable version of Wicked on the front lines.

We are currently involved in two wars and there are a good number of hot spots where a third could break out. We need every able bodied man and woman from working class homes to join the war effort, but that doesn’t mean we need to start lowering our standards by accepting gays. We’ve already lowered them a little by accepting criminals (something I supported), but our military will only be strong as long as we have the moral high ground.