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White Supremacist Group Distances Itself from Tea Party

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Calling recent activities by the Tea Party disgusting, the White People’s Brotherhood released a press statement today announcing that it was no longer aligning itself with the Tea Party or any of its candidates, “We have grown increasingly disturbed by the actions of followers of the Tea Party movement.  Our group cannot afford to have its name linked to extremists or the actions of a radical fringe.  This is not why we began supporting Tea Party candidates.  We might be white supremacists, but there are lines even we won’t cross. After the events of last night, I couldn’t even look my children in the eye when I gave them the white power salute this morning,” said White People’s Brotherhood Chancellor Ray Jordan.

Calling recent violence the actions of a few misguided extremists, Jordan never the less said the following incidents has left the organization with no choice, but to renounce the Tea Party:

  • The videotaped headstomping of a MoveOn.Org activist last night by Rand Paul’s Bourbon County Coordinator Tim Profitt
  • The unlawful handcuffing and restraint of a blogger by Joe Miller’s private unlicensed security guards in Alaska
  • Sharron Angle’s repeated calls for violent overthrow of the nation’s government if not elected

“I saw that young white woman get her head stopped by that Rand Paul volunteer and I thought, is this what white power is all about?  Is this what we’ve come to.  How do I explain it to my daughter?” said Frank Dorman the WPB member who had started a movemement among the membership to ask that campaign contributions be returned and support be withdrawn from the more extremist tea party candidates.

“We still share a lot of the same goals,” said Jordan, “the phrase Obamanation–that was ours.   It’s just hard enough getting people to listen when we explain white power, we don’t need this [Expletive Deleted] too.  I’ll tell you, the Tea Party was trying to highjack our movement.”

The White People’s Brotherhood is a rather small organization, but they may just be the canary in the coal mine for candidates like Rand Paul who have been counting on larger groups like Stormfront for donations and manpower this election season.   If bigger white supremacist groups follow the WPB’s lead, it may be a rough ending to what had seemed like a great election for the GOP and its Tea Party candidates.


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October 26, 2010 at 6:03 pm

Sarah Palin Fires Harry Reid

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I have to hand it to Sarah Palin.  Speaking to a crowd that organizers estimated at well over 250,000 in Arizona today, the former Alaskan governor dismissed Harry Reid like he was an Alaska State Trooper and she was still running the Kodiak State.  Palin, who is perhaps best known for firing herself last year to promote her book and her new Alaska reality show, let Harry Reid know in no uncertain terms, “You’re fired.”

Tensions between Republicans and Democrats have been strained since the 2008 election left no party with a mandate for their own agenda for the first time in 8 years, but as Palin assured the crowd, “what we have here is a difference of opinion, but that’s OK because that’s nothing that a good old fashioned election can’t fix.”

Like many Americans, I would love to see the American people given a chance to vote for Sarah Palin.  I don’t see anyway  that such a knowledgeable and charismatic leader could fail to sway the American people, but unfortunately with Obama as President we are left with only these infrequent speeches to rally us.

Although Palin headlined the event, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons was equally eloquent in railing against the big spending Obama-Reid-Pelosi gravy train and in favor of the kind of family values economic conservatism that have been the hallmark of his time as Nevada Governor.

The optimism throughout the crowd of 500,000 was palpable and one speaker actually called it “a Woodstock you’ll remember”.   Perhaps, the keynote for the day came from Frank Helms of San Diego who said “”I don’t want anything bad to happen to Harry except for him to lose his job.  I don’t think he’s a bad man. He just ended up carrying Obama’s water and that’s gonna do him in.”

The amazing spirit of peace and harmony this afternoon was shared by many others.   Some people said they hoped Obama and Pelosi would die peacefully in their sleep while others simply wished for a long illness that incapacitate the Democrat leaders and forced them to resign.  To see a million people filled with patriotism and optimism is something that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

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March 27, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Red Skull Demands Apology from Tea Party Protesters

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Recently, Marvel Comics unleashed a firestorm of controversy when an issue of Captain America #602 featured a story about Nazi supervillain The Red Skull whose new plot to destroy America involved starting a grassroots movement of people who call themselves Watchdogs and extremely anti-government and anti-tax.  Captain America investigates the group’s ties to militant white supremacists.  As a result, we see a long shot of Watchdog protesters and many of them are carrying the same signs as those carried by Tea Party protesters.  Marvel has since apologized for accidentally making the Teabaggers seem like crazy right wing extremists, which of course is very far from the truth.

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada apologized saying that he could “absolutely see how some people are upset about this,” Quesada said that there was “zero discussion to include a group that looked like a Tea Party demonstration,” adding, “There was no thought that it represented a particular group.”

Tea Party founder founder Judson Phillips said the apology “sounds less like a genuine ‘we’re sorry’ than it does a ‘we’re sorry we got caught’ statement.”

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have bothered to get the Red Skull’s opinion on the matter before now.   Fortunately, has been very fortunate to be able to contact the Red Skull and set up an interview from his undisclosed bunker location.

Thatsrightnate: Thank you for joining us.  Should I call you Red Skull or Mister Skull or what would you like to be called?

Red Skull: Soon you and your entire pathetic mongrel country shall call me Master as I crush you beneath my boot heel, but for now Red Skull is fine.  Thanks for having me.

TRN: How do you feel about this situation?  It seems that Marvel has created quite a bit of controversy this time.

RS: First, allow me to say that the Tea Party is a great organization.   I admire their steadfast resolve and I believe very strongly that if I were to run for Congress, that the Tea Party would be among the first to support me.   I’ve worked with AIM in the past, so I’m used to having goofy looking followers.  That doesn’t bother me in the least.  On the other hand, I really believe that they need to get over themselves.  In the 1990 Captain America movie, I was depicted as Italian.   It’s been 20 years, but that still smarts.  What director in their right mind decides that the Italians are the enemy that most symbolizes the villainy of World War II.  I think Tarantino learned a lot before making Inglorious Bastards.

TRN: So you think you’ve been depicted worse than the Tea Partiers?

RS: Ja!  Have you seen Hogan’s Heroes?  How about The Great Escape or Stalag 17? If anybody should be angry about this it’s the brave German soldier.

TRN: So you feel you are the wronged party here?

RS: Oh yes.   Look, imagine you’ve spent the last 65 years building up an empire of pure evil with your only goal being world domination.   Then a long come these punks and they start making money off of your ideas.   Man, I do wish I had thought of the Tea Party Convention thing though–nice touch.  Still, I want people to fear me.   When I say, “The United States  is being destroyed from within by the cowardly mud races” it has some bite.  When people take the thunder out of my language and replace it with “How’s that hopey changey thing working for you?” it hurts my ears.  Much like the Republican Party, I had hoped I could control these people, but I’m afraid they’re just to0 radical for me.

TRN: Is there anything you’d like to say to the Tea Party Organizers?

RS: Apologize to me for this affront and I shall kill you…Gott en himmel!! it’s SHIELD again.  I’m sorry, but I have to go.  It is so hard to find good minions these days.

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February 12, 2010 at 8:20 pm

Tea Party National Convention Wrapup

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To paraphrase Sarah Palin, I have seen the future of politics in this country and I am happy to report that it is overwhelming white, Southern, and middle-aged.  I left behind my 3 day stay at the Tea Party National Convention feeling like I was leaving summer camp, but at the same time hopeful for the future.   My fellow tea party patriots and I had an amazing time and the price tag of over $1,000 now seems like a paltry sum to be at the center of a grassroots movement so strong that corporate sponsors like The Heritage Foundation and Freedomworks had no choice, but to sponsor.

Sarah Palin gave the keynote for Saturday night looking resplendent with a new hair style that wouldn’t have been out of place on the drummer for Winger or any other hair metal band of 15 years ago.   She came to speak to the people and she didn’t need a fancy teleprompter.  Sarah Palin was able to connect with her audience the old fashioned way, with spontaneity and a hand full of crib notes.   Her talk was full of passion and inspired the entire room, but what I remember first was when she talked about how she reacted to her ticket losing the Presidential Election.   Rather than dwelling on her defeat, she asked herself what she could do to best help this country moving forward and that’s when she resigned from public office.  Throughout the speech, Sarah never let us forget she was a mom.  This was a woman who was almost the female Joe Biden, but she still managed to throw in references to her children Piper, Yeti, and Trig.

Yesterday, ironically, would have been Ronald Reagan’s 99th birthday.   I believe it’s a nationally tragedy that we will regret for many years to come that we did not cryogenically freeze him when we had the chance.   Ronald Reagan was a national treasure and he is sincerely missed.

Today is the Super Bowl and it’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the big game, but let’s remember the real meaning of today–a child was born in humble circumstance so that he could one day save us all.   Let’s not forget to salute Tim Tebow on this day of all days.   My prediction for the game is that the Colts will beat the Saints 38-17.   I just think they are the more God fearing team.

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February 7, 2010 at 3:15 pm

Tea Party National Convention – Day 2

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I’m reporting back from the Tea Party National Convention and I have to say, it’s like Disney World for conservatives.   The morning was very promising.  Smart Girl Politics had a breakout session on “How to do Voter Registration Drives and Where to Find Conservative Votes” & “Women in Politics”.   Unfortunately, I accidentally read it as Find Conservative Women, but that’s actually what it turned into.   A lot of them were kind of old, but I was able to give my business card to a lot of girls and I told them to meet me at the hotel lobby tonight after 11PM.  I hope that this pays off.

Young Americans for Freedom also had a breakout session in the morning and it was great.   The topic was how to involve the youth in the conservative movement and I got a loud round of applause when I suggested golf as a great gateway to conservatism.  We agreed to try and reach out to young people in our communities to bring them over to the conservative cause.  The seminar focused on how to find potential tea party members.  It seems a lot of the current movement members were loners in high school.  They had some common hobbies like hunting small animals or watching fires.    It also seems oddly that a lot of tea party members had issues with wetting the bed into their teens.  Now, obviously we won’t be targeting bed wetters to join, but it shows just how open the spirit here is that so many people were willing to admit it.

The third breakout session on Conservative Arts and Crafts was great.  I made an ashtray that is shaped like a gun rack.  I was real proud of it and I can’t wait to see it tomorrow when it dries.  There were a lot of awesome things made here.  You’d be amazed how many things you can make a sock into.

There was so much good stuff tonight.  I’m just getting back from seeing Joseph Farah and Angela McGlowan.  They were as amazing as you could imagine.   Angela was fair and balanced, but Joe was a great rabble rouser.  His main point was how we can overthrow the government which seems a little extreme, but certainly interesting.  The diversity here is amazing.  I looked around the convention center and you could see white people, Caucasians, Anglo-Saxons, WASPS–it was breathtaking.   I’m off to a karaoke party and I want to get there early before somebody else does a Toby Keith song.

Liberal Media Ignores 10/11 Tea Bag Protest

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They came from all over the country to protest the Obama administration on Sunday, but you wouldn’t notice it from the liberal elite media.  Even Fox News, which tries so hard to be fair and balanced didn’t report on the huge protest which was 3-4 times greater than the protest Fox and the other news networks broadcast live from last month.  The only place I could even see coverage of the march was way up in the channels nobody ever watches at something called Logo.

The protesters seemed far more diverse than last month’s march as I saw many families and enough minorities to finally put to bed that lie that the only protesters were white men.   The protesters made their message very loud and clear for Obama – The Constitution makes us all equal and we want to be able to buy our own health care just like the founding fathers intended.   Some of the protesters were so worried about Obama care that they didn’t think they could get married until the threat was over.   I saw two guys holding up a sign together demanding that Obama stop this health care reform so they could get married.  I did not see their girlfriends, but it seemed to me that that such articulate conservatives could have their pick.  Frankly,  marriage is just the type of American value we should be promoting Mister President.

A new symbol seems to have emerged for the Tea Party Movement as many of the protesters were carrying rainbows signs and flags.  I loved the sea of color and I thought it was a very appropriate sign for us taking back our country after the storms of the Obama administration.   Of course you wouldn’t know any of this from the mainstream media.   CNN had an advertising campaign showing that they covered the 9/12 protests, but I don’t think they even mentioned the 10/11 tea party.  There were celebrities there as well.  Even conservative diva Lady Gaga spoke to the crowd, but like most musicians wasn’t really coherent and didn’t stick to the topic of standing up to Obama.

It is clear to me that if our message is to spread, it is up to conservative blogs like this one to get the word out.  CNN, Fox, and MSNBC aren’t going to promote protesting their beloved President Obama so we have to do it.   If there were 200,000 at the 9/12 protest then there were 700,000 at this rally and you sure wouldn’t know it.   Together we need to wake the news media up from their liberal bias.

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October 12, 2009 at 5:51 pm

Teabagging and Wieners

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kimblecooks[I am once again giving this blog space over to Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) so that he can tell you about his exciting 4th of July plans–Nate]

Hello cyberspace!  In April, we made history.  Hundreds of Americans from all walks of life came together to teabag in the parks of this country and let our voices be heard.   I was inspired to see the teabag movement grow larger and larger.   We sure got a rise out of a lot of people all the way to Washington.   Still, many people claimed that we didn’t have the staying power to keep it up.   They thought that we would be one and done.  That’s why I’m pleased to announce that there is going to be a second wave of teabagging on July 4th.  Teabagging is about the spirit that got our founding father’s through Valley Forge and many difficult nights on the front lines.  Let’s show the Obama administration that we will not bend regardless of the polls.

One thing I noticed about our last teabagging event is that many of the crowd seemed to be older and male.   There’s nothing wrong with that, but this time we’d like to get more women and children participating.  That’s why after the teabagging we will be having wieners for everybody.   There is nothing that says 4th of July like having a bbq and I’m promising all the wieners you can handle for the whole family.   I learned several years ago from David Vitter that the secret to a good BBQ is a good rub and while some chefs just throw their wieners on the grill I make sure to give mine a very special rub first to seal in the flavor and make it oh so juicy.  There is nothing like one of my wieners on a fresh bun.

So if you’re in the district come on out to Monserat Park for teabagging at noon with wieners to follow from 4PM until nightfall.  Hopefully, we’ll have a good view of the fireworks at the country club from the park.   This will be a great opportunity for more teabagging and who doesn’t love wieners?  This is our chance to protest and teabag so they feel it all the way to Washington.   Whatever you do on the 4th, I wish you and your family the best.   This country has come a long way since it won it’s independence from England on July 4, 1776 and it is time we return to the values of our four fathers.