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Florida Legislature in a Quandry

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If the Florida state legislature had their way, which of these things would be legal?

A. Giving teacher’s tenure
B. Paying experienced teachers more than novices
C. Judging a teacher by first hand observation instead of test scores
D. Having sex with a dolphin

If you answered D. congratulations. You’re correct!  The Florida legislature has been unable to pass a law outlawing bestiality.  In 1971 a Florida Supreme Court ruling created a loophole by demanding proof that the animal was unwilling and traumatized by the event.  Since then, the legislature has not been able to come together to outlaw the practice.   This year, it was seemingly killed by an amendments dealing with fertilizer and gun rights.

Fortunately, while not being able to agree that sex with animals was unpleasant, the state legislature was able to find a common enemy in the state’s teachers.   Unfortunately, Charlie Crist vetoed the bill.   It was an eventful session for the Florida state legislatures, teachers, and lovers of dolphin porn.


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May 8, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Mock Election Brings Parental Concern

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I was excited in September when I heard that my daughter Emily would have a chance to participate in a mock election.  I still remember my first mock election back in seventh grade when I made the kid playing Jimmy Carter cry.  He was probably ahead on points, but it only cost me $5 to get John Anderson to punch him in the stomach when we had a bathroom break.  In the second half of the debate my firm stance on the Soviets and my trickle down economic policy had carried the day over the sniveling peanut farmer.

I’ve been asking Emily questions about the mock election when we’ve talked, but she’s gotten real quiet lately.  I have been prepping her on all of the best Obama/McCain talking points.  When I found out she was going to get to debate I was excited to see her as Sarah Palin or even the maverick himself.  Needless to say I was shocked and apalled when I found out that her teacher would be making her play the part of Barack Obama.  My daughter loves this country and is not now nor has she ever been secretly a muslim.

I arranged to have a conference with the union protected incompetent that passes for my daughter’s 7th grade teacher.  The cow actually wanted me to arrange an appointment, but I was insistent.  She tried passing the blame on my daughter by swearing that my daughter had wanted to play Obama and had volunteered to do so.  I naturally accused this woman of lying, but she persisted.  I need to confront my daughter and find out her side of the story.

I am terrified that maybe she really was playing Obama in the mock debate.  Democratic politics are something a lot of kids experiment, but most don’t get hooked.  Still, I thought I raised her right.  I taught her about supply side economics before she was 3.  She cried in 2004 when the Democrats became the majority party.

If the teacher is lying to me, union or not, I will go to the school board with this.  In fact, if she isn’t lying I have no doubt she’s responsible for filling my daughter’s mind with these socialist pro-Obama thoughts.  There will be reprecussions for her, but I’m concerned about Emily.  I guess we’re going to have to have that talk I’ve been dreading.  I’m thinking I might take her out for ice cream.  She seems a lot less testy when I’m buying her food.

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October 1, 2008 at 4:35 pm

Teachers Faling Our Kids

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I’ve talked about it before, but with a new study coming out today its become clearer than ever that our public schools aren’t cutting it.  Its a fact that the school day and calendar are too short – Canada may be one of the top school systems in the world with the same basic schedule, but they don’t have the powerful not teaching unions we have.  I resent the huge salaries paid to teachers in these public schools and I believe we need to go to non-union charter schools where a board of directors makes the money.

It is for this reason that I wish to start the Nate Peele Charter Academy for Academic Excellence.  The students will go to school for 300 days per year from 8AM until 6PM, but there will be no homework as the students will have a longer school day.  The typical 4th grader’s school day would go like this:

8:00 – 8:15 Prayer and silent reflection

8:15 – 9:00 Reading

9:00 – 9:45 Math

9:45 – 11:00 American History

11:00 – 12:00 Gym

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch

12:30 – 1:45 Science (This will also include theology and will include Intelligent Design and morality)

1:45 – 2:45 Gun Safety

2:45 – 3:45 Junior ROTC

3:45- 4:30 Reading II

4:30 – 5:15 Math II

5:15 – 6:00 Self Defense

I am going to actively look for a site and investors to see if this plan can become a reality.  Chicago has a wonderful program for starting charter schools called Rennaisanse 2010 that I would love to be a part of.  My teachers would be young and energetic with experience in business and totally nonunionized. 

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April 1, 2008 at 4:55 pm

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Teachers Get Out of the Way!

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I look at some of the truely great things that W. has done as President and one of the greatest actually had help from Senator Kennedy and that’s No Child Left Behind.  Bush believes that the children are out future and he knows that if we teach them well they have limitless potential.  So with Dumbocraps and Republicans on board who stands in the way of education reform–teachers.

They’re so happy with their $80,000 a year jobs with 3 and a half months off in the summer while getting out by 2:30 that they will put our children’s future in jeopardy.  What does No Child Left Behind do?  Quite simply if a school isn’t performing well, the school will get its funding cut and eventually shut down.  The system used to determine this is a simple test that all students must take.  Lately, the government has been cracking down on schools that feel some of their students should be excluded because their special ed or don’t speak English–try teaching everybody and then you won’t have this problem. Still the teacher unions try and fight this every step of the way. 

If you ask me, we should apply this same formula to all government employees.  If a hospital is not keeping their patients alive it should be shut down.  If a police station is not controlling crime in an area shut it down.  Then maybe we’d have real accountability.  I wish somebody had the guts to do what Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers and fire any union teachers.  Let’s replace them with people willing to care about kids first and their paychecks second.  I can’t think of a better job than teaching and that’s without all the perks.

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March 16, 2008 at 8:01 am