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Get Out The Vote, If You’re Not Busy

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One of the most important institutions in this country is the right to vote. It’s the way for ordinary citizens to have a great impact on the course of the most powerful nation on this planet. There is nothing more important to the survival of the Republic than people making their voices heard…ordinarily anyway.

This time around, we’re at the turning point. Today Gallup released a poll that showed on the generic ballot, Republicans were ahead of the Democrats by 15 percentage points. Now, the good news is that a point in the Gallup poll is equal to a 10 seat pickup in the House of Representatives. This means that after tomorrow we will go from 255-178 Democrats to 328-105 Republicans. This means that we will have a big enough gap to overturn vetoes and even more importantly I will have 150 vacated offices to potentially choose from.

So please get out the vote if you can. When I realized the huge margin of victory we were heading for, I was kind of hoping to sleep in late, but as a politician running for a seat, the press wants to film me voting. Do your best to get out to the polls and vote tomorrow, but even if you can’t be sure to tune in and watch the victory. If low voter turnout knocks us down to 145 or even 140 seats picked up, it’ll still be amazing. [From Kimble’s Corner 11/01/10]

Wow, 150 seats!!  Being part of such a record breaking campaign has been truly rewarding to me.  Knowing that Illinois is well in hand, I was able to fly out to California for Congressman Kimble’s victory celebration without having to worry about the hassle of early voting.   This is big news and I’m not expecting to have another grabber like I did on election night in 2009.  I hope to be back to posting more after the election.


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November 1, 2010 at 6:47 pm

Great News For Democrats!!

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Ronald McDonald clowns around with Mario the Plumber

With so many Obama supporters expected at the polls tomorrow, The Democratic National Committee has worked out a deal with participating McDonalds to allow any registered Democrats to vote at their local McDonalds restaurant from 7PM until Midnight.  Any Democrats who vote at McDonalds will also receive a free Extra Value Meal of their choice.  This is great news for Democratic voters who now don’t have to fight long lines to vote before 7PM when us Republicans are stuck voting.  In fact, I can’t think of any reason why Democrats shouldn’t all jump at the chance and wait until at least 9PM when lines have died down to go vote at McDonalds.  Please, I’m begging you.  Go vote at McDonalds.  Please!!!


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November 3, 2008 at 9:55 pm

Republicans Understand the Value of the Vote

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The most powerful thing in our country is one determined man (or woman now) and a ballot.  While the Democrat party seems to pay little attention to this, the Republicans respect this most important of all rights.  I am overwhelmed with emotion when I see my party proudly moving to protect the sanctity of the ballot box by remaining ever vigilant of voter fraud.

In Michigan, the Republicans have been using a list of foreclosures and challenging any names on the list who attempt to vote.  This is actually closer to the original concept of the founding fathers who wished to reserve the right to vote to proprty holders.

In Virginia, Republicans have warned college students at Virginia Tech about the dangers of voting.  Doing your civic responsibility is great, but you wouldn’t want to lose your college scholarship over it.  Would you?  It actually turns out that the law doesn’t work that way, but hey better safe than sorry right?

In Florida, a lawsuit allows the state to start fining voter registration groups who don’t submit voter registration applications within 10 days and before pre-election deadlines or else face fines.  A federal judge in Miami last month rejected a legal challenge from the League of Women Voters of Florida and other groups that conduct registration drives.

At least one of our parties still cares about the integrity of the voting process.  I urge the Democrats to give up their attempts to register people who have no business voting and compete honestly for the votes of more established and successful white voters with a long record of care for this country.

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September 11, 2008 at 8:44 pm