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Top 10 Labor Day Movies

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Happy Labor Day!  I love working men and women.  I always have, but let’s face it every list I see of top Labor Day movies shows people getting all sweaty and dirty in a coal mine 16 hours a day or malingering on a picket line.   That sure isn’t my idea of labor.  Instead I searched my memory for the top Labor Day movies that I enjoy.  You won’t find many unions in these my friends.

10.  In Good Company (2004) – Dennis Quaid is an over the hill executive who still has a trick or two up his sleeve.

9. Pretty Woman (1990) – Richard Gere’s character works hard so he can play hard.  When he discovers the woman of his dream he courts her with a yacht.

8. Philadelphia Story(1940) – John Howard has worked his way up through the company and he’s set to marry boss’s daughter.  Unfortunately for him, she’d rather have Cary Grant who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  Breeding is important.

7. Sabrina  (1995) – Yes, it’s a remake, but I Harrison’s Ford character proves if you work hard for 30 or so years, you can eventually have a social life.

6. Slumdog Millionaire (2008) – A movie that proves we don’t need social programs as long as we have game shows.

5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) – If there was ever a better movie about the dangers of the estate tax, I don’t know what it is.  Wonka leaves his factory to the very deserving Daniel after torturing a dozen or so candidates in the pre-cursor of today’s reality shows.

4. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) – The kind of high pressure business that built this country is the sight of a mystery.  In the end the guilty party is caught and punished.  I love happy endings.

3. Iron Man II (2010) – OK Batman is a millionaire, but he’s not an arms dealer.  Tony Stark is everything a leading man should be in this movie where he takes no flack from super villains or Congress.

2. Wall Street (1987) -A great movie, but like Trading Places it suffers from a depressing ending.  The first half of the movie can’t be beat though.

1. Citizen Kane (1941) – One of the greatest movie’s ever made.   Charles Foster Kane is a hero to myself and many other people who manage people for a living.


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September 6, 2010 at 9:14 pm

Under Cover Investigation on Prayer in Schools

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My friend Tom, has an old beat up van that he had no idea what to do with.  At least he didn’t until he was inspired by Glenn Beck to start a ministry and he turned his van into a church van.  Then last week I got a bright idea.  I could borrow his van to do an under cover investigation of prayer in public schools.  Public  Schools like to say that while they don’t support public prayer, they are perfectly happy to allow students a few moments of silent prayer or meditation in the morning.   God forbid, that little Mohammad or Cynthia who has two mommies be scandalized by some good old fashioned religion.

My experience though has been that public schools actively discourage prayer.   With that in mind, we painted over the windows of the van to provide students with a quiet relaxing place where they could pray.  I put on some dark sunglasses so that nobody would recognize me from the blog and I took the church van to 10 local school parking lots.  I would wait for a student who was looking lonely or isolated and I’d encourage him or to climb in the back of the van and pray.  It became pretty clear to me pretty quickly by the horrified reaction of screaming children, that their parents who taught them that prayer was something to fear.

I could have lived with this, but the reaction of the schools themselves was even worse.  Not only did they not encourage students to pray, I got the police called on my 8 times, I got 2 large security guards chasing me around a parking lot, and I got maced twice.  Is this the kind of attitude that we accept in our public schools towards prayer?  No wonder Glenn Beck says we’ve lost our way.    Something must be done.

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September 2, 2010 at 8:30 pm

Honor Restored in Washington

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A crowd estimated at approximately 5,000,000 including yours truly made their way to our nation’s capital for a rally hosted by Glenn Beck and designed to restore our country’s honor.  It was a heady mix of patriotism and religion and I got chills when one of the speakers spoke on how Catholics, Christians, and Jews were all gathered there in Christ’s name.

I first knew something was up when I was at the Denny’s on Benning Road.  With all the people coming to Washington, the line was out the door and they ran out of food before people like myself could get in.  It was no big deal though.   The crowd had such a positive vibe as we moved on elsewhere.  I made my way to the Bob Evans in Woodbridge and despite its long distance from the rally, it too was packed, but my daughter Emily and I got in and got seats.  Word soon spread through the crowd to avoid the Denver Omelet because it wasn’t agreeing with people so we just had poached eggs and cereal.

The rally was truly amazing.   There was a veritable rainbow.  I saw people of all colors–white, off white, egg shell, pearl, and orange.   We made are way to the lawn and despite five million people being there, I didn’t find it too crowded and we were able to get to good seats.  Soon we were called to prayer and the speaker reminded us just how wonderful it was to see “Christians, Catholics, and Jews all gathered in Christ’s name.”

I felt very badly for the couple who were in front of us, they had a “Restore Onor and Stop Fashism” sign, but were told that signs were a no-no.  I heard the event called Whitestock, but what it really felt like to me was a sort of Sturgis for mobility scooters.   The irony of the event wasn’t lost on me.  I saw so many people protesting for their second amendment rights and Martin Luther King who spoke on the very same day at the very same location in 1963 was silenced by an assassin’s bullet.  If King had been armed, would things have gone down differently?

A big Indian chief came up to speak and I was kind of worried that he was going to guilt us about broken treaties, but he was just talking about the importance of keeping your word in a general sense.   When Sarah Palin spoke though it was truly magic.  She performed a montage of lines from other classic speeches with a few Springsteen lyrics thrown in for good measure before honoring several war heroes.  She reminded us all of Martin Luther King’s “still spine”   against communist aggression in South East Asia. I was very proud of the warriors, but very disappointed to see no minorities in with the group.  I like to think they love this country too.

A sense of dread fell over the crowd as we heard that a couple from Idaho had gotten on the subway’s Yellow Line and encountered minorities.   We felt terrible for them, but eventually they took a cab and got to the rally.  They received a heroes welcome when they were introduced.

A very stirring moment was when Martin Luther King’s niece Alveda King spoke.  It gave me goose bumps.   Emily said it reminded her of when I took her to see Frank Sinatra Jr.  sing his father’s song book.  Beck later told us that some people who appeared really put themselves at risk.  I know a few of the speakers only appeared with the agreement that the rally’s message wouldn’t be political or coherent.

Finally, the man we were all waiting for spoke.  Glenn Beck warned us about the hate that was spreading over this country.  I wish he would have told us where it was coming from so we could be sure to fight it.   He also told us that we must insist that our churches stand up for things that are true, like Jesus appearing to the Native Americans after his death.  All in all, it was  a beautiful thing.  The only awkward moment was when speaker Albert Pujols was reported to immigration authorities, but was able to prove he was here legally.

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August 29, 2010 at 9:20 pm

Please Come to DC

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Well, my apologies for being so slow to post, but I usually use Firefox and Word Press has not been working with Firefox lately.  I just tried Internet Explorer as a lark.  I really don’t like it at all, but it’ll work for posting.  Tomorrow, Glenn Beck will be trying to take back the Civil Rights movemement for the people who started it–The Mormons.    I was actually inspired to write a song about the rally in DC which I will be attending.  The song is based on the song Chicago by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.  If a karaoke version of the song was available, I would have even recorded it for you.

Please Come to DC

So your brother’s bound and gagged

And they’ve made him get health care

Won’t you please come to DC just like King

In a land that’s known as Freedom

How can such a thing be fair

Won’t you please follow Glenn Beck for the help that he can bring

You should buy more gold

The world may just explode

Goldline – Is our Sponsor

Politicians sit yourselves down

There’s a microphone for you here

Won’t you please come to DC for a ride

Don’t take the green or yellow line

‘Cause you’ll find black people there

Won’t you please come to DC so your grandma doesn’t die


You should buy more gold

The world may just explode

Get buying – if you believe in justice

Get buying – and if you believe in freedom

Get buying – let a man live his own life

Get buying – rules and regulations

Who needs them, open up the door

 Wealthy people must be free

I hope the day comes soon

Won’t you please come to DC, show your face

From the bottom of the ocean

To the mountains of the moon

Won’t you please come to DC, and meet others of your race


 We can buy more gold (4x)

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August 27, 2010 at 8:07 pm

New Jack Kimble Campaign Commercial

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August 24, 2010 at 12:44 pm

The Hot Men of the GOP

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First, I feel the need to address this first— I am not gay.  However, a couple of days ago some conservatives created a video that showed how much hotter GOP women were then their Democrat counterparts.  I thought this was awesome, but they got accused of my sogony, which I guess is a form of sexism. Anyway, wanting to sex the record straight, here is a video for the ladies out there showing that GOP men are equally hot.

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August 19, 2010 at 5:34 pm

The Ground Zero Mosque

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New York Dolls is just one of the businesses being asked to allow a Mosque as their neighbor

First off, I want to go on record as saying that not every Muslim is a terrorist.  Half the Muslims in this country are peaceful, patriotic, and love this country as much as anybody else.   The problem we have is with the other half.    I remember when I was a child growing up in the civil rights movement when there were marches and the spectre of integration, my dad would frequently tell me, “I have no problem with most black people.  It’s just these uppity ones who aren’t happy with their own neighborhoods, they want to move into mine.”   He really did love black people, but he wanted them to be sensitive to the effect that moving into a white neighborhood would have on property values and the neighborhood itself.   He wouldn’t deny their right to move into our neighborhood, he just wanted them to be sensitive to our needs and be good neighbors by not moving into our neighborhood.   It seems nowadays we are asking Muslims to do the same thing.

The events of 9/11 were horrific and remain forever on our national conscience.   Putting a mosque of all things within 2 blocks of this site would be like building a federal cemetery on Robert E. Lee’s farm.   Can you imagine how the South would react if we did that or put federal buildings along General Sherman’s path of destruction.   Even as we triumphed over the Indians to claim America as our birthright, we would never build a tribute to our greatest Presidents on sacred Indian burial ground.   Can’t the Muslims show the same restraint?  Frankly, I’m still waiting for them to apologize to me for 9/11.

Now, defenders of so called freedom of religion point to the first amendment of the Constitution as proof that the Muslims have a right to build a community center on their own private property, but that’s not what the founding fathers wanted.  You write a Constitution to protect your rights–not to protect the rights of people you don’t agree with.  Our founding fathers to promise people freedom to choose their own faith, but they meant popular religions.   Do you want to be a Baptist or a Southern Baptist?  Take your pick.

New Yorkers don’t seem to be bothered by this potential terrorist training camp in their midst.  Fortunately, the rest of the country has come forward to demand that peaceful Muslims refudiate this Mosque.  Even Democrat Harry Reid weighed in against building the Mosque in this location.  Nobody in this country knows more about where new construction is tasteful than Las Vegas’ own Senator.   I have to wonder how

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August 16, 2010 at 9:50 pm