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Celebrating Charter Schools Week

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I have to admit, despite being a socialist, a communist, and a fascist sometimes President Obama comes up with a great idea.   Such an idea is Charter Schools week which will be observed this year between May 2nd and May 8th this year.   There will be no such day for ordinary public school students, but you know what they say about membership having its privileges.   I have been a big advocate of charter schools for some time now.  As President Obama said, “a world class education is our best avenue to prosperity.”

From Dennis Bakke at Imagine Schools to Green Dot’s Steve Barr to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, these edu-preneurs have managed to use their charter schools to put them well on the road to prosperity.   Without pesky unions and local oversight, charters offer the savvy investor myriad opportunities to make a quick buck.  Why else would so many hedge fund managers and movers and shakers like Goldman-Sachs be so involved in the charter school movement.

While ordinary public schools will not be getting their own week, there will be several other important education weeks this Spring:

Dehumanizing Wealthy Schools Week – From Veronica Mars to Glee to the films of John Hughes, these schools provide us with one of our greatest resources — teen angst.   Sometimes when fitting in is impossible, you’ve just got to break all the rules. May 11-May 17

Tough Urban School with Only One Competent Adult – Whether it’s Lean on Me, Stand and Deliver, or Freedom Writers you better find that one adult.  While other teachers show up drunk and sleep through class, there is that one adult who cares and will tutor students in his/her own until 1AM.  May 18-24

Rural/Suburban School with a Cool Outsider – The White House will celebrate those schools where everything seemed boring until that one stranger moved in.   Maybe that stranger is the Fonz or maybe he just wants to dance in a town that’s forgotten how to party, but one thing’s for sure school will never be the same.  May 25- June 1.


Written by thatsrightnate

April 29, 2010 at 9:24 pm