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My Favorite Childhoold Christmas Tradition

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In all our trips to the ward, we never met Angela Lansbury like these lucky children

In all our trips to the ward, we never met Angela Lansbury like these lucky children

I have to admit that as we’re getting closer to Christmas, it is getting harder to find political things to right about and I find my thoughts turning back to the Christmases of my youth. The Christmases of my youth helped me to become the man that I am today and for that we can all be grateful. Many of our Christmas traditions were started by my father. I’ve written about him before, but John Peele was a great great man. You better believe it was “Merry Christmas Sir” with him. If you had wished him “Happy Holidays” he would have punched you in the mouth.

We grew up not far from a hospital with a huge children’s ward. Every Christmas some of these poor children would be stuck in the hospital over Christmas time while everybody else was celebrating the joy of the holiday season. My dad would give both my sister and me $20 each and we would go out to buy just that special Christmas present. Something that we really wanted for ourselves. Then we’d take that present home and we’d wrap it. Actually, to say we wrapped it is an understatement. We’d really go all out on the gift wrap and make these presents into works of art with ribbons, bows, and brightly colored paper.

My mom would bake a fresh batch of her famous Christmas cookies for the big day and my sister and I would head over Christmas Eve afternoon to the Children’s Ward. Sometimes we’d bring a friend with, but usually it was just us. We’d greet the children in the ward and we’d eat the cookies while the sick patients did tricks for us. If a trick was really good we’d give them a cookie too. If a kid couldn’t do a trick and they begged us hard enough we’d give them a nutball–I never cared for those much. Then we’d sit down with all the kids around us and we’d open our gifts. Even though we knew what we were getting ahead of time just seeing all those sick kids who were all jealous made it that much better. We’d play with our toys for awhile until my dad came back from the local tavern to pick us up.

Sometimes the kids would complain and the nurses would kick us out. My dad would come in and a lot of times he’d pretend to take another kid home by mistake as my sister and I would scream after him and one of the patients would be terrified wondering who this strange man was walking off with him. Those were simpler times then, but I’m glad that I got to spend my Christmases with those less fortunate than myself. Emily never wanted to do this and her mother absolutely forbid it. I also don’t know that a children’s hospital would put up with the stuff we pulled in today’s more cautious age.


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December 21, 2008 at 7:46 pm