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Get Out The Vote, If You’re Not Busy

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One of the most important institutions in this country is the right to vote. It’s the way for ordinary citizens to have a great impact on the course of the most powerful nation on this planet. There is nothing more important to the survival of the Republic than people making their voices heard…ordinarily anyway.

This time around, we’re at the turning point. Today Gallup released a poll that showed on the generic ballot, Republicans were ahead of the Democrats by 15 percentage points. Now, the good news is that a point in the Gallup poll is equal to a 10 seat pickup in the House of Representatives. This means that after tomorrow we will go from 255-178 Democrats to 328-105 Republicans. This means that we will have a big enough gap to overturn vetoes and even more importantly I will have 150 vacated offices to potentially choose from.

So please get out the vote if you can. When I realized the huge margin of victory we were heading for, I was kind of hoping to sleep in late, but as a politician running for a seat, the press wants to film me voting. Do your best to get out to the polls and vote tomorrow, but even if you can’t be sure to tune in and watch the victory. If low voter turnout knocks us down to 145 or even 140 seats picked up, it’ll still be amazing. [From Kimble’s Corner 11/01/10]

Wow, 150 seats!!  Being part of such a record breaking campaign has been truly rewarding to me.  Knowing that Illinois is well in hand, I was able to fly out to California for Congressman Kimble’s victory celebration without having to worry about the hassle of early voting.   This is big news and I’m not expecting to have another grabber like I did on election night in 2009.  I hope to be back to posting more after the election.


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November 1, 2010 at 6:47 pm

Urgent Plea from Congressman Kimble

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[From Congressman Kimble’s webpage]

As you know, the Senate is voting on Health Care this coming Saturday. It is very urgent that we stand up to the Obama/Pelosi agenda to take over health care in this country, but we can’t do this without your help. The vote will be televised live in prime time and as we saw during our vote in the House, the sight of a member of congress holding a small child to argue against health care is a very powerful image. Unfortunately, we have a shortage of small children. What we are looking for is cute children, preferably between ages 2-4 who are potty trained and not criers. Please, no ugly children–they just won’t be as effective on camera. We will return your baby safe and sound after the vote. If you have a baby please either phone 202 863-8500 or email Please put Cute Baby Available in the Subject line.


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November 19, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Congressman Kimble’s New Campaign Spot

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November 1, 2009 at 11:18 am

Congressman’s Book Shields Children from Obama

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Nate Peele: It is always a pleasure to be able to interview Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA).   It’s even a bigger honor today as Congressman Kimble is speaking to promote his new children’s book aimed at the 11-15 year old readership.   I am normally not a fan of reading, but in light of President Obama’s attempt to indoctrinate our school children next week, I was interested in Congressman Kimble’s take on school children and politics.  Congressman, welcome to the blog.

Congressman Kimble: Thank you Nate.  You’re always a great way for me to get my message out.  I am very saddened by president Obama’s attempts to address our school children.  I think I could solve this whole problem if they would allow me to give a rebuttal like they do on the State of the Union address.

NP: Well, isn’t the President just going to tell the students to study hard and stay in school?

CK: Precisely, I would like equal time.  As a country we’re spending way too much money to educate children whose parents will never be able to afford to send them to college.   Those students would be much better off dropping out and our tax money could then be used to educate children whose parents have the money to allow them to do something with the education the government is giving them.

NP: Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening.

CK: Me neither.  That’s why this book is so important to me.

NP: How did you ever find time to write a book?

CK: It really isn’t difficult.  There’s a lot of stuff that goes on in Congress that bores me to tears.  Rather than reading a lot of legislation, I’ll skim it or have an aid give me the bullet points.  Then I use that time to work on my writing or my fantasy football team.  You know I got Drew Brees with the number 11 pick this year.  Nobody wants to take quarterbacks in the first round.   I was worried that Cantor would go for him, but he took Matt Forte instead.

NP: Now this story is very sobering stuff for a middle school audience.  Bethany, the heroine, has her mother die while they’re all on vacation in Canada because she can’t get any medical services.  Then when she gets back to this country our government tries to take away her family home because of the inheritance tax.

CK: I actually fought with my publisher on that.  I wanted to call it the death tax, but they thought it made the book too dark.  I have been going to schools in my district for year’s now lecturing to students on the death tax.  They need to know it will impact them someday when their mommy and daddy die and they’re left all alone.

NP: Now is this a true story?

CK: No, I don’t think it takes much talent to tell a story about true things.  In the GOP we pride ourselves on our ability to tell stories about things that didn’t happen like the death panels or Obama’s secret army.

NP: Now tell us about Paul?

CK: Everybody wants to know about Paul.  He’s just your run of the mill teenager with androgynous and non-threatening good looks.  He’s an amazing rock guitarist and he likes to race motorcycles.  However, what makes him different is he’s a vampire.   As an immortal he’s seen how new social programs keep popping up and how our country keeps moving away from the vision of the founding fathers who he knew personally.

NP: So if he’s this powerful immortal, why does he hang out in a high school?

CK: Well, he’s a tortured soul and he’s an artist and when he sees Bethany he immediately is drawn to her like a moth to a flame, but they have a love nobody can understand.

NP: Well she is like 16 and he’s several hundred years old.

CK: He still looks 16.  Anyway, he tells her about conservatism and together they start a movement.

NP: I know you have a lot of Christian support.  Aren’t vampires anti-Christian?

CK: Yes, but luckily for Paul, Bethany leads him back to the church.

NP: Wow, it really seems like a lot happens in this book.   I would be very happy if you would sign a copy for my daughter Emily.   Is the book available through Amazon?

CK: Actually, we’ve had a little problem getting a distributorship.  I had a Christian book publisher, but they pulled out after the vampire thing.  We’re currently being distributed by American Cartridge Corporation.  They’re one of the better ammunition distributors, but this is their first time with a book.  You can find The Taxman Comes at Midnight at finer gun shops and gun shows throughout the West Coast region.

NP: I’ll be sure to pick it up.  Always a pleasure Congressman.

CK: It’s great being here Nate.

I Interview Congressman Jack Kimble about Healthcare

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cspanAs you know, Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) has been an occasional contributor to my blog.   He’s been very outspoken on Twitter(@RepJackKimble) lately about health care reform and the dangers of a Canadian style socialized medicine.   I was lucky enough to be able to arrange a phone interview with Congressman Kimble about this subject that is very important to both of us.

Nate: Thank you for agreeing to this interview congressman.   I think your contributions to the blog have really helped give me legitimacy as a blog.

Kimble: Thank you Nate.  I’m always happy to talk to the media and with C-Span playing favorites, I’ve had a hard time getting my message out to the people of this United States and to the soldiers who keep this great land of ours safe also.

Nate: Yes, I too would like to say, “support our troops”.

Kimble: Thank you for doing that Nate.  It means a lot to me.

Nate: Now, you have some serious problems with Canadian health care I know.   I do too.   I dated a very beautiful Canadian girl who lived in Canada throughout high school and college.   She was pretty enough to be a model and in fact did do some wallet and picture frame work.  She was extremely into me and we tried to make the long distance thing work, but I finally had to break up with her because of Canadian health care.

Kimble: Why would you break up with a girl you obviously liked over Canadian health care.

Nate: The problem was every time she’d be coming down to visit me and meet my friends, she’d undoubtedly come down with something and have to cancel at the last moment.   It made me look very bad to my friends and that put a terrible strain on my relationship.

Kimble: Actually, that’s not an uncommon story.   Especially with attractive young Canadian women and some men.

Nate: I’m going to have to play Obama…I mean devil’s advocate here.

Kimble: :::laughing::: Nice one

Nate: What do you say to people who say that the Canadian health care system is much cheaper than the United States?

Kimble: That’s not quite true.   While Americans pay 16% of our GDP for health care, Canadians spend 10.1% of theirs.

Nate: So Canada’s system is considerably cheaper?

Kimble: Not exactly.  You see the life expectancy of an American is 77.1 years while in Canada the life expectancy is 80.7 years.   That’s 3 extra years of taxes that the average Canadian has to pay for their health care.  In the end it very much evens out.

Nate: I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Kimble: You should.  It’s not just doctors either.   Dentistry in Canada is affected too.  Watch an NHL game sometimes and look at how many of the Canadian players are missing teeth.

Nate: Wow, there are a lot.  You explanation of the cost imbalance makes a lot of sense, but anybody can present statistics.   Do you have any anecdotes to help support your case?

Kimble: Yes, I do.  There’s a very brave Canadian woman by the name of Shona Holmes.

Nate: The woman in the commercial with the terminal brain tumor?

Kimble: Actually, she made the brain tumor part up, but anyway at 31 years old she was diagnosed with a Rathke’s Cleft Cyst on her pituitary gland.

Nate: Wow! That sounds serious.

Kimble: It is.  A Rathke’s Cleft Cyst is a benign tumor that can cause dizziness and even blindness if it isn’t treated and the Canadians wanted her to wait a month for treatment so she paid $100,000 out of pocket to go to Arizona and get it removed.

Nate: She had to pay out of her own pocket, that’s terrible.   How do you explain that 85% of Canadians are happy with their healthcare system?

Kimble: Would you like the NFL to have 3 downs instead of 4?

Nate: No, of course not.

Kimble: Would you like to eat your french fries with brown gravy or vinegar?

Nate: Not if my life depended on it.

Kimble: How about the metric systme?

Nate: Oh heck no.

Kimble: The Canadians are happy with all of those things.

Nate: Wow, they really aren’t very bright.

Kimble: No they’re not.   They make great lumberjacks, defensemen, or mounties, but you sure wouldn’t want to ask one to do math.

Nate: Good point.   I know this may be a touchy topic, so you don’t have to answer this, but how do you respond to people who say that the big reason you’re so against socialized medicine is because insurance company lobbyists donate heavily to your campaign?

Kimble: I don’t mind answering.   Look, it takes a lot of money to run for office in this country.  I get a lot of money from insurance company lobbyists, but I always make it clear up front that it won’t affect my vote.  Some of the most despicable people on the planet contribute to my campaign–pay day loan guys, crack dealers, companies that knowingly make defective baby toys.   You think I am beholden to all those people?

Nate: Well no of course not, you’d never be reelected.

Kimble: Exactly Nate.

Nate: Thank you for agreeing to this interview congressman.

Kimble: Thank you Nate.  You asked some real tough questions.  I like that.

Why Congressman Kimble Opposes Sotomayor

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[I thought this was a really good summation of the problem with activist liberal judges so I took the liberty of copying this letter from the Congressman’s own blog–Kimble’s Corner]

To the Conservative Blogging Community:

In the House of Representatives, we are a bit separated from the entire confirmation process for Supreme Court Justices. However, we’ve always got C-Span handy albeit usually to check how we look on the tv. I personally have been working hard on sponsoring a House Bill in response to the Brownback and Landrieu bill currently in the Senate which will forever protect our shores from Koala Men and other animal-human hybrid creatures, but I still have found time to watch the Sotomayor hearings.

I believe with all my heart that the role of a Supreme Court Justice is to be follow the values and principles of our founding fathers. You don’t need a fancy law book or even a Constituion to do that. That’s why there is no requirement that a Supreme Court Justice be a judge or even a lawyer.

Liberals believe in appointing activist judges who use precedent as a reason for changing things. If you listened to Sotomayor today, she ducked behind every tough question about the firefighter case by claiming precedent. You know who else followed precedent? The pharisees who persecuted Jesus. Is that the role model we want for our Supreme Court Justices? Surely, in the vast history of our country you can find a precedent for anything, but is that how we really want our laws to be interpreted? It seems to me that precedent is just another way for liberals to change the way this country runs. We need non-activist Judges who base their decisions on the values of our founding fathers and not on precedent.

Fortunately, this is not something that we are powerless over. I can tell you from first hand experience that congressmen pay very close attention to emails they receive especially from people who aren’t even in their district. If the email is particularly angry or is written anonymously, it is particularly persuassive. You have have an impact on the Senate Judiciary Committee by emailing them anonymously with your displeasure over Sotomayor. If you use exclamation marks and bold or capital letters to make your point so much the better. I don’t have a vote on this. For this decision, I’m just an ordinary person like you people. If we are going to get her rejected, it’s going to have to come from you.

Representative Jack Kimble (R-CA)

Congressman Jack Kimble on His Listenning Tour

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dennyskim[I am very sorry for my lack of articles recently.   Part of the reason for the delay is that I have been in discussions with Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) about contributing another guest article to my blog.   I feel very fortunate to have an important member of the House of Representatives like Smiling Jack Kimble as a friend of the blog.]

I’d like to extend a very hearty thank you to Nate for giving me this forum.  I can’t deny that the Republican Party has been in a bit of a fix lately.   There is no need for a pity parade for us though, we will be back.   I’m hear not to preach to you so much as to hear from you.   What do you want from the Republican party?   This has become a big focus for me.  Inspired by Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor, and Mitt Romney I have taken it upon myself to launch a listenning tour.  The four of us represent the new face of the Republican Party and we are voracious to hear what this country wants.

I kicked off my Rooty Tooty Republican listening tour at the Gracy Heights Dennys.   Co-Sponsored by the Society for Real American Ideas, I was thrilled to see a very enthusiastic tourout for the kickoff.  The waitress had to put two tables together just to accomodate us and the people at the next table were eavesdropping the whole time. I really love these kind of events because they give me a chance to put on my pair of blue jeans, roll up my sleeves, and talk to Joe and Jane Six-Pack and their grandparents.

Now, all the people I talked to were Republican and they voted for John McCain in the last election, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t let me have it.  They were mad that during the election we didn’t make a bigger deal over Obama being a secret Muslim or that he was not born in this country.  A kind old grandmotherly woman named Gladys told me that “I think he’s the same guy as Osama bin-laden.  Their names are almost the same.   Has anybody ever seen them together?”  I think we definitely made a mistake not listening to courageous Americans like these.   They also were mad that we didn’t make Rudolph Giuliani release the Michelle Obama whitey tape which he has secreted away.

On the economy, the voters were really concerned that Obama was going to raise their taxes.  I told them that they had reason to worry and let them know that if they don’t see a tax increase this year it is probably because their children didn’t want to upset them and lied about how much they actually owed.  This spurred a very large discussion about wasteful government programs like Medicaid and PBS.   They wanted to know if the taxpayers were funding a television station, why we couldn’t get new episodes of Matlock.  I really couldn’t give them an answer.

Ralph told a harrowing story of having an African-American come to his home to fix his cable.   He was very frightened by the experience, but he got through the experience because he knew that he had a .38 tucked into the cushion of his couch.  He was worried about how he would react in situations like that if he didn’t know protection was just an arm’s reach away.  I promised him, I would not give up my fight to protect second amendment rights.

All in all, it was a great chance for me to connect with you the voters.   I am definitely looking for your ideas for where we can take this party.  The country has been on the wrong path for the past 4 months, but we can take it back on a steady course if we all pull together.  As always, thanks for the forum Nate.