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Has America Been Spared from Global Warming?

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Folks, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not really sure about the science behind global warming.  It seems like there is some definite circumstantial evidence for it.  In Vancouver, they’re about ready to have a snowless Winter Olympics even though they’re in the frozen Northwest of Canada.  People have been showing supposed evidence of shrinking of the ice shelf in the arctic or Antarctic or wherever it is.  There are definitely some odd things that make one wonder about the veracity of that Al Gore movie The Day After Tomorrow.

On the other hand, the scientific evidence is that there is absolutely no global warming going on inside the United States.   As I look outside my window I see over a foot of snow  on the ground and it’s very cold.   In Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia the snow has been even more extreme.   I can only come up with two reasons for our seemingly tremendous fortune.  Either we have been protected by our corporations who have found a way to shield us from the harmful effects of pollution, but don’t want other countries to know about it so they keep it mom or we’re being protected by the power of prayer.   I ask my fellow conservatives not to look down on those scientists who try peddling this global warming stuff.  Instead, reallize that they are proving that it is God’s love that is protecting us.


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February 11, 2010 at 10:42 pm

My Poem for Mike Huckabee

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It turns out that in addition to being a musician, Mike Huckabee is also a gifted poet.   Today he wrote an ode to Nancy Pelosi.   I thought I’d return the favor and write a simple poem to Huck myself as a way of paying tribute to a great Republican and a great American.

An Ode to The Huck

You were once a fatty,
Then you got in shape.
You don’t believe in evolution
Cause you’re certainly no ape.

You disliked the stimulus package,
Because it wouldn’t fund places to pray
Ann Coulter called you pro sodomy,
But you swore you didn’t get stimulated that way.

You support the death penalty
You think its really boss
You know that its right too
Because Jesus supported it on the cross

You said Iraq had WMDs
It was like they were hidden by the Easter Bunny.
You called Gitmo a country club
Only on the tax payer’s money.

Yes my friend we count on you
More now it seems than ever
When those Democrats make silly claims
About evolution or warming weather.

We stand behind you Senator Huck
We know you’ll pick up the slack man
And in 2010 we’ll change our luck
Thanks to you and Senator Bachman.

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May 19, 2009 at 8:24 pm

Candy Canes and Lumps of Coal

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With Christmas nearly approaching, I thought it was time to award some candy canes for those on Nate’s nice list and lumps of coals for those on Nate’s naughty list.

-A candy cane for President Bush for remembering the true meaning of the season by pardoning Isaac Toussie who was guilty of mortgage fraud. Is that even a crime anymore?

-A lump of coal for the UAW who this week added Toyota to the list of victims to their greed and excessive contracts this year.

-A candy cane to KBR for providing our troops with the things they need.

-A lump of coal to The Salvation Army. I still want my gold coins back.

-A candy cane for Saddleback Mountain Church founder Rick Warren for his love of gay people despite not wanting them to get married and for his extensive collection of original Broadway cast recordings.

-A lump of coal to the Global Warming alarmists. I’m freezing my butt off in Chicago and I can only assume its because we’ve cut carbon emissions too much.

-A candy cane for Martin Scorsese whose Taxi Driver is a Christmas tradition at my house.

-A lump of coal to Barrack Obama who announced he was going to use Abraham Lincoln’s Bible for his inauguration. OK, as a secret Muslim I know he doesn’t have his own, but couldn’t he pick a President who didn’t drive us into the only Civil War this country has had…yet?

-A candy cane to our non-terrorist Muslim readers. For those of you who renounce terrorism I wish to extend the olive branch by wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

-A candy cane to the readers of this blog. The boycotts, the political movement, and the return to Conservative values would not be possible without you all.

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December 24, 2008 at 5:11 pm

I have returned

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Rumors of the supression of my blog by my left wing opponents were incorrect.  I have returned from a brief, but necessary trip out of town.  All I can say at this moment is that I helped cement my own political future.  Expect a big announcement soon.

One thing I was really happy to see was that liberal propaganda piece The Dark Knight has been knocked from the top spot in part, thanks to our boycott.  In its place is the patriotic pro-war comedy Tropic Thunder.  This movie looks great and I think all right thinking Americans should take it in.  While the Batman movie has made a lot of money since its release remember those kind of movies are expensive to make and the movie probably lost money.

On a very disappointing note, The Americans For Prosperity group which offers a refreshingly pro-business view of the environment had two town halls in Florida canceled this week by Tropical Storm Fay. I was really looking forward to hearing the AFP’s attacks on global warming alarmism and their promotion of offshore drilling as a rational response to the energy crisis. They have a great ability to cut through the green BS that I get sick of hearing all the time in the mainstream press. Unfortunately, I guess it will have to wait as Fay hammered Florida pretty hard.

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August 19, 2008 at 4:31 pm

White House Releases Environmental Report

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It was under court order and it was 4 year too late,  but the White House released its climate report.  The report is required to be compiled every 4 years, but this was the first report since 2000.  The report was characterized by Andrew Weaver, a gloom and doom Canadian climate scientist who was not involved in the effort called it “a litany of bad news in store for the U.S.” 

_ Increased heat deaths and deaths from climate-worsened smog. In Los Angeles alone yearly heat fatalities could increase by more than 1,000 by 2080, and the Midwest and Northeast are most vulnerable to increased heat deaths.

_ Worsening water shortages for agriculture and urban users. From California to New York, lack of water will be an issue.

_ A need for billions of dollars in more power plants (one major cause of global warming gases) to cool a hotter country. The report says summer cooling will mean Seattle’s energy consumption would increase by 146 percent with the warming that could come by the end of the century.

_ More death and damage from wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters and extreme weather. In the last three decades, wildfire season in the West has increased by 78 days.

_ Increased insect infestations and food- and waterborne microbes and diseases. Insect and pathogen outbreaks to the forests are causing $1.5 billion in annual losses.

_ The heat would help the Boston Red Sox overcome a 3 game deficit against the Yankees and advance to the World Series

_ Family Guy will return to Fox after a 3 year hiatus

_The Backstreet Boys will break up

“Finally, climate change is very likely to accentuate the disparities already evident in the American health care system,” the report said. “Many of the expected health effects are likely to fall disproportionately on the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the uninsured.”

You know its 4 years later and most of that stuff never happenned.  I have a feeling we’re going to be alright afterall.

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May 30, 2008 at 4:26 pm

Earth Hour

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Geez Louise, its Earth Hour today as opposed to Earth Day.  Tomorrow will probably be Earth Minute.  That’s a picture of Sydney’s Earth Hour yesterday.  Evidently, they decided to start the party yesterday.

Earth Hour is being sponsored by the WWF and afterall the crazy stuff that Vince McMahon has pulled over the years I’m not at all surprised.  You watch, I guarantee he’s making money off this thing somehow, but at least he never seemed like such a liberal.

What really irritates me is the thing takes place from 8-9 at night.  I guess liberals want us to start going to bed when the sun goes down now.  Its a Saturday, there’s a good chance I’ll be driving somewhere and my car will get totaled by some liberal freak who turns off his headlights in support of Earth Hour. Great.

What’s stupider still is that it is totally unnecessary.  Its still cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  We have a whole bunch of liberal environazis trying to drum up hysteria, but there is no global warning.  Living through a Chicago winter I wish there was.  This reminds me of my trip to Atlanta last summer.  I kept hearing about the drought and the water shortage–they wouldn’t even give you water in restaurants.  When I got back to my hotel room I took an hour and 20 minute shower just to see.  There was no water shortage the hotel had plenty of water.  It was just more left wing hysteria.  I figure the global warming talk will last about another year or two before they switch to global cooling talk.  I have prayed this subject to death and I have done research.

One of the great reasonable voices of the leftwing media is John Stossel.  Check out his research

Another great website with the real science behind “Global Warming”

Do some research folks and tonight and open up that window loudly and yell, “My Light is Bright Cause its Night.  I know I’m right about this stupid warming fright!”

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March 29, 2008 at 8:41 am