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Sharron Angle and the Quest for a GOP Congress

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Sharron Angle is running hard for Harry Reid’s spot as Senator from Nevada and Senate Majority Leader.   She’s excited the Nevada tea party and though she’s a fresh face on the national, she’s been known to Nevada residents for sometime.   She’s ahead in the polls and has been able to comfortably concentrate her campaign commercials on showing what kind of guns she can fire instead of policy issues.

She’s been a big advocate for religious rights ever since she pushed to get a Scientology program into Nevada women’s prisons in 2003.  In fact, Angle has argued that the separation of church and state imposed on this country in the first amendment is unconstitutional.

In the case of abortion, it is her faith that guides Ms. Angle.  Saying “God has a plan”, Angle is against abortion in case of rape and incest because she believes that God would not have had the woman in question raped if he did not have a plan for her and her baby.   The plan may be grand like the baby growing up to be President or it may be small like the shame of the mom being a lesson to other loose women to control their alcohol intake, dress more modestly, and not go into strange bars without a male escort.  I think it’s very reassuring for all rape victims to know that even if it was scary, God planned their rape and was guiding the actions of the rapist all along.

Angle is also ready to make big noise on the economy by forcing the lazy to get back to work.   Angle favors cutting unemployment benefits so that goldbrickers are forced to go back to work and take the many entree level jobs that they turn their noses up at.   Much of the current unemployment is caused by the desire of so many people to start in middle management or higher.  There’s an attitude sweeping the country that if you’re not going to get a key to the executive washroom, you might as well just live off your dividends and put off applying for work.

With a woman of faith and intelligence like this, the GOP is well on their way to taking over Harry Reid’s Senate seat and Majority Leadership.


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June 30, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Sarah Palin Fires Harry Reid

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I have to hand it to Sarah Palin.  Speaking to a crowd that organizers estimated at well over 250,000 in Arizona today, the former Alaskan governor dismissed Harry Reid like he was an Alaska State Trooper and she was still running the Kodiak State.  Palin, who is perhaps best known for firing herself last year to promote her book and her new Alaska reality show, let Harry Reid know in no uncertain terms, “You’re fired.”

Tensions between Republicans and Democrats have been strained since the 2008 election left no party with a mandate for their own agenda for the first time in 8 years, but as Palin assured the crowd, “what we have here is a difference of opinion, but that’s OK because that’s nothing that a good old fashioned election can’t fix.”

Like many Americans, I would love to see the American people given a chance to vote for Sarah Palin.  I don’t see anyway  that such a knowledgeable and charismatic leader could fail to sway the American people, but unfortunately with Obama as President we are left with only these infrequent speeches to rally us.

Although Palin headlined the event, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons was equally eloquent in railing against the big spending Obama-Reid-Pelosi gravy train and in favor of the kind of family values economic conservatism that have been the hallmark of his time as Nevada Governor.

The optimism throughout the crowd of 500,000 was palpable and one speaker actually called it “a Woodstock you’ll remember”.   Perhaps, the keynote for the day came from Frank Helms of San Diego who said “”I don’t want anything bad to happen to Harry except for him to lose his job.  I don’t think he’s a bad man. He just ended up carrying Obama’s water and that’s gonna do him in.”

The amazing spirit of peace and harmony this afternoon was shared by many others.   Some people said they hoped Obama and Pelosi would die peacefully in their sleep while others simply wished for a long illness that incapacitate the Democrat leaders and forced them to resign.  To see a million people filled with patriotism and optimism is something that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

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March 27, 2010 at 9:45 pm

This Christmas Harry Reid is Scrooge

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This Christmas, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is Scrooge.  Actually, that’s not fair.  Scrooge at least gave Bob Cratchett Christmas off.  Harry Reid is so distrustful of President Bush that he will be having a Senator stay behind to gavel the empty chamber to order and prevent The President from passing any recess appointments before he leaves office in January.  For shame Mister Reid.  The government must continue to run even while Barrack Obama sits around doing nothing productive.

In fact, George Bush has appointed over 30 people to positions since the election in November and these people will help to lead the Obama administration with their experience in Washington.  “Given the fact that the Senate was so intransigent on so many nominations, we certainly would have liked to have used the option of recess appointments,” Said Bush spokesperson Tony Fratto. “This process is broken, absolutely broken. The majority leader has taken it to the point of abuse.”

One move Bush is making that I’m particularly excited about is his appointment of many non-scientists to permanent federal jobs with responsibility for making or administering scientific policies.  I like that Bush isn’t afraid to shake up the liberal atheistic scientific community with people who haven’t been indoctrinated with scientific propaganda against a Christian belief system.  As Sarah Palin said on the campaign trail, “How do we know its global warming and not God just hugging us closer.”

Bush has also been working tirelessly behind the  scenes to ease up ridiculous safeguards on industry limiting the amount of pollution that’s acceptable in our drinking water and redefining pollution in general.  Bush has also appointed several industry lobbyists to watchdog positions knowing that the government will only benefit from the other point of view.

Mr. Fratto pointed out that Mr. Bush’s term is a full four years — not 3 years, 10 months and 4 days — and the president will not pull punches as he makes potentially still more appointments. “We actually do have not just the authority,” he said, “we have an obligation to do what we think is best for the country up until 11:59 a.m. on January 20.”  Perhaps, he can do something about some of those silly air quality safeguards as well in the next month and a half.

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December 7, 2008 at 4:08 pm