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Is Waiting for Superman Birth of Nation or Merely Triumph of the Will?

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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been extremely busy with Jack Kimble’s campaign.  If you google Jack Kimble and Jonathan Capehart you will see that we’ve been extremely busy.  I’m especially fond of the Christian Science Monitor article entitled Stephen Colbert, meet the heir to your crown as a comedic ‘candidate’.   OK, comedy isn’t quite what we were going for, but it’s a start.   Be sure to check out the Jack Kimble Store because we’re going commercial baby!

What finally drew me back was the movie Waiting for Superman.  Now as you know I’m quite fond of reviewing movies, but movies can be loud and crowded so I frequently find myself forced to review them before I’ve seen them.  Waiting for Superman is no different.  Every generation has a movie that shakes our conscious and I believe Waiting for Superman is ours.   In the hands of a skilled movie maker like a D.W. Griffith or a Leni Riefenstahl, movies can challenge us to question our beliefs and accept new ones like The KKK was only formed to protect the South from freed slaves, or the German people were a race of supermen, or that teachers were lazy clock punchers and the only people who truly care about education were a small group of union busters and mega corporations determined to look out for the best interests of our kids?

Who is it that challenges underdogs like the Walton Family and the Gates Foundation?  Why it’s none other than those powerful teacher unions that control so much of this country.  This is movie making at it’s finest–the kind of movies they used to make.  As I listen in the background I can almost hear the students marching to class now, ready to be illuminated by corporations with heart.   One of the big stars of this movie is Michelle Rhee who I wrote a 4 part series on previously.  You’ll find it here.

I give Waiting for Superman four stars.  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called the movie “a Rosa Parks moment” and I for one think it’s about time that the  Gateses, Waltsons, and Broads refused to sit on the back of the bus.


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September 20, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Boycott America: The Story of Us

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I was very excited to see another alternative in the wasteland that is Sunday night television.  Sure the Pacific is great, but HBO follows it with Treme, which for a story of New Orleans seems very much obsessed with New Orleans music to the point of ignoring all that looting that went on post Katrina and I am sure still goes on today.  When the History Channel began running commercials for America: The Story of Us, I was understandably excited.   There is no country whose story I would rather hear about than our own and there is none that would make for more gripping television.

I did of course have to check this afternoon to make sure this wasn’t some liberal propaganda that would show the United States to be the greatest evil on the planet.  I did a quick google search and was shocked and appalled to find out that this movie was nothing more than liberal claptrap directed by liberal nut job Rob Reiner and stars fellow liberals Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis.   Perhaps, what I found most offensive was that Reiner was going to tell the story of America not from the eyes of a veteran of Valley Forge, but from a self-indulgent couple going through a divorce.

For a cable channel billing themselves as the History Channel, they should know that divorce wasn’t even legal through most of our country’s history.  I believe my daughter would be far happier today if that ruling still was in effect and her cow of a mother couldn’t legally divorce me just to shack up with her personal trainer, but I digress.

I have heard that some things like the visual effects of the musket fire in slow motion were interesting, but no clever visuals can distract from liberal Reiner’s attempt to view America through the eyes of a modern day couple instead of from our founding fathers who would not have put up with our current socialist government.  I am calling on you gentle readers to boycott this trash.   This is not the America I love so well.

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April 25, 2010 at 9:48 pm

Kick-Ass is Super Fun for the Whole Family

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It seems every couple of years, somehow Hollywood manages to produce a family movie that is not trying to indoctrinate our children with liberal propaganda like Wall-E or trying to turn them into eco-terrorists like most Disney films.  I can happily report that based on the commercials that I’ve seen, Kick-Ass is exactly the kind of old-fashioned family entertainment that this country needs.

I have not been able to see the movie yet, but I am giving it my highest review of four stars based on what I’ve seen.  The movie stars a precocious boy who goes by the name Kick-Ass and the girl pictured with this article named Hit Girl.   Together they take the criminal underworld by storm not using superpowers, but using their wits and their can do spirit.   It sort of reminds of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland saying, “Hey I’ve got a barn, let’s put on a show.”

What makes Kick-Ass stand out is it’s a family film.   Now, a family film is different than a kids film in that it can not only be enjoyed by kids, but by adults as well.  I find it refreshing that these kids don’t spend their days wrapped up in video games, but instead fight crime and best of all, they don’t seem to believe in coddling criminals.   I’ve been hoping for a movie that I could feel comfortable taking my young daughter to for sometime and Kick-Ass is just that kind of film.  I can’t wait to take her to see this movie.

Nate’s Review: ****

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April 17, 2010 at 8:35 pm

The Green Zone May Be The Worst Movie Ever

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I was extremely shocked and angry this evening when I caught Roger Ebert’s review of the movie The Green Zone.  The movie is a fictionalized story about the invasion of Iraq and particularly the days after the war and the search for weapons of mass destruction.    This movie is perhaps the biggest load of sewage ever to be foisted on the American public.   Matt Damon’s character is actually targeted for assassination by his U.S. military colleagues and corrupt government officials after not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  Obviously, stuff like that would never happen.   When Joe Wilson reported the lack of WMDs in the real world, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney simply outed his wife as a CIA operative.  No effort was made to assassinate these people.

The worst part of the movie is when Matt Damon’s character goes on his one man anti-government campaign we’re supposed to root for him like we would if he was an angry protester flying his own small plane into an IRS building.   What Damon does is treason and I will tell Hollywood right now that I will never root for treason.  There was an unconfirmed report from Buffalo, New York by the Buffalo News and by Fox News that two older couples walked out during a screening.   I still remember when I was in high school watching many older couple walk out on the Kenny Rogers movie Six Pack in the same kind of political protest.  The movie tanked shortly after.

The movie was made by Universal Studios which is a division of GE who are the same liberals who bring us MSNBC to criticize American values and blindly support the President on a nightly basis.  At first, I was very intrigued to see the movie because it looked like mindless escapist entertainment like The Hurt Locker, but instead I see it’s full of heavy handed politics, which I don’t need from my movies.  I urge all my readers to boycott this movie and instead urge Hollywood to begin making more of the movies we want to see about heroic American soldiers who put it all on the line whether they’re fighting for this great country or relaxing with a game of beach volleyball.

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March 12, 2010 at 10:04 pm

Liberal Propaganda Destroys Star Trek Franchise

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I have to admit that I had big hopes for the new Star Trek movie.   I had never cared much for the original with its message that the United Nations…I mean Federation would save us all.  However, the new movie promised to replace all that lovey dovey garbage with a healthy dose of explosions.  I couldn’t have been more turned off if the screen play had been written by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

In this case The Romulans are used to represent the United States.   The big weapon they use is a drill.   Hmm, just like the United States drilling for oil in the Middle East.   After they have attacked with their drill, the Romulans unleash their ultimate weapon which they refer to as red matter which is so powerful that even a small drop creates a black hole that then consumes everything.   I literally groaned when I saw this thinly veiled reference to American capitalism.

The Enterprise is made up of the original motley collection of ethnics with the only American being a screw up from Iowa who gets it right in the end.   It was funny that the creators decided to base James Kirk on their opinion of Tom Harken, but it was more funny sad than funny ha ha.  If Kirk was Harken, then Spock was meant to be a Middle-Easterner with a culture that we Westerners would never understand.  In the ultimate bit of disrespect for survivors of terrorism, Spock actually destroyed the Romulans by crashing his ship into theirs in a nod to 9/11.

The producers even felt the need to comment on waterboarding by showing Pike strapped to a board in a pool of water.   Though the aliens never waterboarded him on screen, it was clearly intended.   In the  end the movie depicts America’s final collapse as being the result of our own capitalistic society which we have unleashed on the rest of the world.

Excuse me for not wanting to be preached at during the movies, but this is not your father’s Star Trek…its worse.   Even Dr. McCoy was turned into an advertisement for socialized medicine.   I’m not going to call for a boycott of this movie, but if you see it you’re either a liberal or have $10 to waste being preached at.  To rate Star Trek I set my phaser to crappy.

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May 8, 2009 at 10:24 pm

Whose Gonna Watch the Watchmen?

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This Friday comes another comic book movie that I had big hopes for.  Unfortunately, The Watchmen doesn’t seem very super at all.  As a kid I loved comic books because they were books that let me look at the pictures instead of getting bogged down in all those words that regular books had.  I was hoping for an exciting comic book movie like Iron Man or Spider Man 3, but sadly what I got was a depressing and nihilistic downer where the heroes didn’t even really have powers.

To begin with the plot for Watchmen was clearly ripped off from The Incredibles only it wasn’t handled nearly as skillfully.  The movie is set in 1985 when President Nixon has outlawed superheroes.  Hello?!  Tell me I’m not the only one who has heard of the 22nd amendment.  At least The Incredibles had heroes who could really do stuff.  Other than Doctor Manhattan, none of The Watchmen even have abilities above mortal men.

Other than Rorschach the heroes all seem to suffer from personality disorders of one kind or another.  They actually made the Dark Knight movie seem cheery.   The director made a huge mistake with Rorschach as well.  They evidently figured that we wouldn’t notice what his mask looked like, but the black spots were constantly moving.

The entire movie just seems like an attempt by the studio to rip off the success of other dark superhero stories this year like Batman, Punisher 2, and The Spirit.  Unfortunately, nobody’s really familiar with these characters so it all falls flat.  At least I knew who Punisher was.  It would have been really helpful to cast existing superheroes in this movie.  The final confrontation at the end of the movie would have bee much more dramatic with Aquaman, Hulk, and Lex Luthor instead of these third stringers.  At least the movie avoided The Dark Knight’s mistake of packaging a ton of political ideology in the film.   Unfortunately, I can only give this derivative movie one star.  Its a shame because I really wanted to like it.

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March 4, 2009 at 6:29 pm

I was Taken with Taken

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I usually don’t find message films.  I find them preachy instead of entertaining.  Even though the story of a retired government agent who goes to Paris to save his daughter from Albanian white slavers could have been torn from today’s headlines, I was wrapped up enough in the story to not be distracted by the cautionary tale of what can happen to Americans visiting Europe.

Liam Neeson is amazing in the lead showing that can do American spirit even in the face of opposition from a typically corrupt European government and the action is intense and non-stop.  The villainous Albanians combine the menacing qualities of the vilest European bad guys, while still being darker skinned and hairy like Islamist terrorists.

Not lost in the movie’s action was the message encouraging Americans to avoid foreign travel because of the many dangers waiting overseas.  This movie helped to remind me what a great country we live in without white slavery and French people while not beating me over the head with this message.  I give it 4 flags out of 5.

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February 10, 2009 at 9:07 pm