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New Jack Kimble Campaign Commercial

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August 24, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Sarah Palin Fires Harry Reid

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I have to hand it to Sarah Palin.  Speaking to a crowd that organizers estimated at well over 250,000 in Arizona today, the former Alaskan governor dismissed Harry Reid like he was an Alaska State Trooper and she was still running the Kodiak State.  Palin, who is perhaps best known for firing herself last year to promote her book and her new Alaska reality show, let Harry Reid know in no uncertain terms, “You’re fired.”

Tensions between Republicans and Democrats have been strained since the 2008 election left no party with a mandate for their own agenda for the first time in 8 years, but as Palin assured the crowd, “what we have here is a difference of opinion, but that’s OK because that’s nothing that a good old fashioned election can’t fix.”

Like many Americans, I would love to see the American people given a chance to vote for Sarah Palin.  I don’t see anyway  that such a knowledgeable and charismatic leader could fail to sway the American people, but unfortunately with Obama as President we are left with only these infrequent speeches to rally us.

Although Palin headlined the event, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons was equally eloquent in railing against the big spending Obama-Reid-Pelosi gravy train and in favor of the kind of family values economic conservatism that have been the hallmark of his time as Nevada Governor.

The optimism throughout the crowd of 500,000 was palpable and one speaker actually called it “a Woodstock you’ll remember”.   Perhaps, the keynote for the day came from Frank Helms of San Diego who said “”I don’t want anything bad to happen to Harry except for him to lose his job.  I don’t think he’s a bad man. He just ended up carrying Obama’s water and that’s gonna do him in.”

The amazing spirit of peace and harmony this afternoon was shared by many others.   Some people said they hoped Obama and Pelosi would die peacefully in their sleep while others simply wished for a long illness that incapacitate the Democrat leaders and forced them to resign.  To see a million people filled with patriotism and optimism is something that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

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March 27, 2010 at 9:45 pm

We Endorse Scott Brown (R-MA) for Senate

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Seen here, addressing a Tea Party in Worcester, Brown is the kind of candidate Massachusettians are looking for.

The race for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat is a toss up and I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch.   In an election this month, State Senator Scott Brown is running against Democratic shrew Martha Coakley and we wholeheartedly pledge our support to Scott Brown.  We have been avoiding endorsing candidates since our support for Mike Taylor and John McCain didn’t pan out so well.  However, Scott is the rare candidate who inspires us all to get involved.

Brown grew up in the mean streets of Massachusetts where his childhood was anything, but idyllic.   Brown said of his youth, “”I was a jerk. I had some issues… There was some violence in there.”  Brown soon graduated to theft where at age 12, he was arrested for shoplifting records and sentenced to write a 1,200 word letter.

It’s hard to hold these youthful indiscretions against the Senator who admitted that a lot of the problems were his parents’ fault saying that when he was a parent he wanted “to do everything that my parents did wrong right.”

Scott Brown is a good looking man, who had the guts to bare it all and pose nude for Cosmo with only his hand covering his genitals.  However, raising the morale of women in this country isn’t the only time he has come to his country’s aid.   Scott was one of only three Massachusetts State Representatives to hold the line on handouts when he voted against giving financial assistance to Red Cross  workers who had volunteered to work with 9/11 rescue operations believing that service is its own reward and helping with their medical bills would be a step down the slippery slide to socialism.

At a time when our economy is still reeling from the recession that began almost as soon as Obama announced he was running for President, Scott Brown is a true friend to Wall Street.  When Brown announced that he would oppose any financial responsibility tax on banks, Wall Street investors responded by donating very heavily for Scott.   When Wall Street is happy then America is happy.  Scott has always stood up to those claiming that climate change is man made or that gays should be allowed to get married.   These are view held by the silent majority of Massachusettians and by the United States as a whole.   Scott reminds me of a young George W. Bush.   He’s a uniter not a divider and he is exactly what we need in a Senator.

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January 16, 2010 at 8:17 pm

Welcome 2010 – My Resolutions

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Rather than looking back on the year that was like every other unimaginative twit with a blog who can string together a series of sentences on a computer keyboard, I thought that I would celebrate the coming of 2010 with my list of New Year’s Resolutions.   2009 sucked.   Let’s just get that out there now.  It sucked and it sucked bad.   The economy was terrible, I failed to meet the 20-28 year old attractive conservative woman of my dreams yet again, and last week the Republic was taken over by a socialist congress.  We ended the year with a potential terrorist attack.   Could you imagine the uproar if somebody tried to blow up a plane with their underwear on Bush’s watch?  Part of me really wants to crack down on airport security.  Unfortunately, the strict Constitutionalist in me knows that the Constitution says nothing about airports.  With all that out of the way, here are my resolutions:

  1. I will spell check all protest signs I make before tea parties
  2. I will stop printing out Sarah Palin tweets and face book postings in a hopeless attempt to learn to find her hidden meanings.
  3. I will stop lusting in my heart after anybody named Cheney.
  4. After seeing what happened to Rush Limbaugh yesterday, I will lose a pound this year.
  5. I will find at least one Obama proposal that I will abstain from criticizing.
  6. I will update my Education Blog more often because education is too important to neglect.
  7. I will quit calling 911 just because the operator has a sexy voice
  8. I will spend at least one night as Karl Rove’s wingman now that he’s back on the market ladies
  9. 4 words – C Street Jello Wrestling.   I’ve got to spend a weekend there.
  10. I will refrain from using “I’m having an explosion in my underpants” as a pickup line on flight attendants.

Have a wonderful 2010!   I’ll be back tomorrow with my predictions.   People scoffed at me last year when I said Tiger Woods would be busted for a dozen affairs.  No telling what 2010 will bring.

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December 31, 2009 at 6:18 pm

Republican Pledge is Just What Party Needs

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In an effort to maintain dogmatic purity, GOP leaders have begun circulating a 10 point pledge for Republican candidates to show that they are sufficiently pure to be Republicans.   This pledge will be debated at the party’s January meeting in Honolulu.   I tried to contact friend of the blog Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) about the purity pledge, but I was unable to contact him.   In an effort to attract diversity, Republicans only have to agree to 8 of the 10 points.

10. We will pronounce nuclear as nuculer when discussing energy or foreign policy.

9.  Every week, we will attempt to see if I can spot any foreign countries from my back porch.  If I can, I will keep tabs on them.

8.  We will not giggle at important conservative phrases like “Tea Bag” and “Going Rogue”.

7. We will talk non-ironically about our God fearing conservative values established by people like Ayn Rand and Thomas Paine.

6. We will keep government out of health care except in cases like Terri Schiavo, we will keep government out of people’s personal lives unless they are gay, and we will follow the Constitution when it serves my party’s interests.

5. We will not bow to foreign heads of state and in fact shaking hands kind of makes us queasy.

4. We oppose using tax payer dollars to support abortion or unjust wars of aggression.

3. We oppose a government option for health care because a private company cannot possibly compete with a government program.

2. We support the expansion  charter schools because private companies can educate our children better than any public program.

1. We believe that every time Glenn Beck cries, an angel gets his wings.

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November 23, 2009 at 10:16 pm

A Book Review of Going Rogue

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A literary triumph  ****

I hate reading.   Books are an outdated art form that should have died off in the 1950s with the advent of television, but somehow they keep making them and saps keep buying them.   Going Rogue is an exception to this rule.   Her book, along with the Bible, are the only 2 books that one need ever own.   Sarah’s story is at once powerful and touching, revealing a strong mind and a dynamite sense of humor beneath her homespun charm.  I give this book a very solid 4 stars and urge everybody to not only buy this book, but keep an eye out for Sarah’s tour so that you can get it signed as well.   The crowds turning out so far have been truly impressive as well–very much like a Harry Potter release, but without all that black magic and devil worship.

I have not actually read this book, and attempts to coax my daughter to ghost read it for me fizzled when she balked at a $50 bribe.   However, as I look at reviews from other sources, I’m sure that this is an outstanding work.  Finally! we get to hear her own words, fully – unedited without the slanderous spin as only Lynn Vincent could tell it.   Vincent is an amazingly gifted writer, but the words and meaning are pure Palin.  It’s very difficult for me to talk about actual incidents in the book without actually reading it, but I am sure they are powerful and moving. I have read in other reviews that she agrees in the book with my contention that FDR’s liberal policies caused the Great Depression.

Liberals hate Sarah Palin because they know that she represents every woman and they know that they have nothing to counter her with.  Her long and distinguished career in public office from Wasilla Mayor to almost finishing a term as Governor of Alaska to almost becoming Vice-President is clearly showing that the glass ceilings feminists have been claiming for so long don’t really exist.   It seems a White House run is the next logical step for her career and as an American I for one can’t wait.


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November 19, 2009 at 11:46 am

Congressman Kimble Gets Tough On Salazar

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Wow! He’s not messing around.  That’s for sure.  I guess this primary is becoming a bit tougher.

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November 15, 2009 at 4:25 pm