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Congressman Kimble’s Victory Speech

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He’s a friend of the blog so even though I’ve been off for awhile, I didn’t want to miss his victory speech from his primary victory.  Kimble beat Paul Salazar in the 54th District by 72% – 24%.  The people of California must love Jack as much as we do.

Thank you.  It is people like you who came here tonight. I come tonight with a very, very full heart.

And I want especially to thank the voters of the 54th District. Over the last week, I listened to you and, in the process, I found myself why I hadn’t done this sooner.


I felt like we all spoke from our hearts, and I am so gratified that you responded. Now, together, let’s give America the kind of victory that California has just given me.


For all the ups and downs of this campaign, you helped remind everyone that politics isn’t a game. This campaign is about people, about making a difference in your lives, about making sure that everyone in this country has the opportunity to live up to his or her God-given potential, about scary government programs and even scarier minorities. That has been the work of my life.

We are facing a moment of so many big challenges.


We know we face challenges here at home, around the world, so many challenges for the people whose lives I’ve been privileged to be part of.   We have skyrocketing unemployment, illegal immigrants pouring over the border, and even the most advanced DVD players still flash 12:00 uncontrollably.

I’ve met families in this state and all over our country who’ve lost their homes to foreclosures, men and women who work day and night but can’t pay the bills and hope they don’t get sick because they can’t afford health insurance, young people who can’t afford to go to college to pursue their dreams, senior citizens with neighbors who won’t stay off their lawns.


Too many have been invisible for too long. Well, you are not invisible to me.


The oil companies, the drug companies, the health insurance companies, the predatory student loan companies have had four years of a representative who stands up for them. Let’s give them another two.


I intend to be that representative, to be a representative who may not put you first, but always puts your lives, your families, your children, your futures somewhere in the top ten. I believe deeply in America, in our can-do spirit, in our ability to meet any challenge and solve any problem. I believe in what we can do together to serve our corporate masters.

In the future, we will build together. There will be no more invisible conservatives. So we’re going to take what we’ve learned here in California and we’re going to rally on and make our case. We are in it for the long run.


And that is because we are in it for the people of the only state courageous enough to have a bear on their state flag.


This victory will serve notice that people across our district know what’s really at stake, that we will all be called upon to deliver on the promise of America. We’ll be called upon to deliver on the promise that the wealthy will grow and prosper again, and that they will trickle down their blessings on the lower classes.


To deliver on the promise that the greatest generation will have their shot at the American dream, to deliver on the promise that we’ll have the will and the wisdom to create television shows like Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder once again.


To deliver on the promise of not leaving one inch of ocean floor left undrilled for the oil that fuels our economy.


We know that for the promise of America to be real, we are called upon to deliver on that promise. And if you join in this call to greatness, we will together answer. So, if you are called will you join with me to promise to answer and when you answer will you promise to go and when you go will you answer the promise of America.


We are determined to tackle our toughest problems and stand up for those who most need a champion, because we are determined to make America work again for all of our people. We came back tonight because you spoke loudly and clearly.

You want this campaign to be about you, but this is my campaign and it must be about me, but you have shown me that you like me.  You really like me.


I want to thank Paul Salazar and his staff for their incredible commitment, their passion and their heart. I want to thank my entire family, particularly my wife who cut short her hike on the Appalachian Trail to be home and watch this speech tonight.


I want to thank my extraordinary staff that never faltered one minute and all the volunteers that my father loaned to me from the family farm..

I want to thank the old people across this district who came out.


They asked the hard questions, and they voted their hearts and their minds, and I really hope that this will not be necessary in the general election.  You can trust me now.


Thank you, and God bless you.


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June 13, 2010 at 9:15 pm

Congressmen Explain How to Spot Illegals

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With the threat to the country growing from illegal aliens, it is our patriotic duty to be on the lookout for illegals.  Of course, with some 12,000,000 illegal aliens hiding in this country, they have obviously gotten quite good at avoiding detection.  California has had one of the biggest problems with illegal Mexican immigrations since joining the United States.   This unique problem has led  California Congressmen Brian Bilbray and Jack Kimble to study the problem. Together, they offer very easy tips for spotting illegal aliens.

Bilbray relies on clothing as a dead giveaway, “look at the kind of dress you wear, there’s different types of attire, there’s different type of…right down to the shoes, right down to the clothes. But mostly by behavior it’s mostly behavior, just as the law enforcement people here in Washington, DC does it based on certain criminal activity there is behavior things that professionals are trained in across the board and this group shouldn’t be exempt from those observations as much as anybody else.”

Kimble agrees saying, “Oh yes, there are certain behaviors you can’t miss.  If there is a cactus or a shady tree, they will you know I mean a lot of times they’ll take naps there.   The other thing about illegal aliens as Congressman Bilbray pointed out is their clothing.   I have gotten quite good at detecting illegals from their clothing. The key is looking for sombreros and luchador masks.  Those are dead give aways.”

Bilbray and Kimble both agreed that accents could be misleading.  “Sometimes they’ll adopt a fake British accent that will completely fool you,” said Kimble, “They’re good.  They’re Dick Van Dyke good.”

For us average citizens, the key is keeping an eye open.  Illegal immigrants are everywhere in this country and we need to keep a vigilant eye at all times.  Hopefully, with helpful tips like these, we can win the war on illegal immigration

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April 22, 2010 at 9:59 pm

I Interview Congressman Jack Kimble about Healthcare

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cspanAs you know, Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) has been an occasional contributor to my blog.   He’s been very outspoken on Twitter(@RepJackKimble) lately about health care reform and the dangers of a Canadian style socialized medicine.   I was lucky enough to be able to arrange a phone interview with Congressman Kimble about this subject that is very important to both of us.

Nate: Thank you for agreeing to this interview congressman.   I think your contributions to the blog have really helped give me legitimacy as a blog.

Kimble: Thank you Nate.  I’m always happy to talk to the media and with C-Span playing favorites, I’ve had a hard time getting my message out to the people of this United States and to the soldiers who keep this great land of ours safe also.

Nate: Yes, I too would like to say, “support our troops”.

Kimble: Thank you for doing that Nate.  It means a lot to me.

Nate: Now, you have some serious problems with Canadian health care I know.   I do too.   I dated a very beautiful Canadian girl who lived in Canada throughout high school and college.   She was pretty enough to be a model and in fact did do some wallet and picture frame work.  She was extremely into me and we tried to make the long distance thing work, but I finally had to break up with her because of Canadian health care.

Kimble: Why would you break up with a girl you obviously liked over Canadian health care.

Nate: The problem was every time she’d be coming down to visit me and meet my friends, she’d undoubtedly come down with something and have to cancel at the last moment.   It made me look very bad to my friends and that put a terrible strain on my relationship.

Kimble: Actually, that’s not an uncommon story.   Especially with attractive young Canadian women and some men.

Nate: I’m going to have to play Obama…I mean devil’s advocate here.

Kimble: :::laughing::: Nice one

Nate: What do you say to people who say that the Canadian health care system is much cheaper than the United States?

Kimble: That’s not quite true.   While Americans pay 16% of our GDP for health care, Canadians spend 10.1% of theirs.

Nate: So Canada’s system is considerably cheaper?

Kimble: Not exactly.  You see the life expectancy of an American is 77.1 years while in Canada the life expectancy is 80.7 years.   That’s 3 extra years of taxes that the average Canadian has to pay for their health care.  In the end it very much evens out.

Nate: I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Kimble: You should.  It’s not just doctors either.   Dentistry in Canada is affected too.  Watch an NHL game sometimes and look at how many of the Canadian players are missing teeth.

Nate: Wow, there are a lot.  You explanation of the cost imbalance makes a lot of sense, but anybody can present statistics.   Do you have any anecdotes to help support your case?

Kimble: Yes, I do.  There’s a very brave Canadian woman by the name of Shona Holmes.

Nate: The woman in the commercial with the terminal brain tumor?

Kimble: Actually, she made the brain tumor part up, but anyway at 31 years old she was diagnosed with a Rathke’s Cleft Cyst on her pituitary gland.

Nate: Wow! That sounds serious.

Kimble: It is.  A Rathke’s Cleft Cyst is a benign tumor that can cause dizziness and even blindness if it isn’t treated and the Canadians wanted her to wait a month for treatment so she paid $100,000 out of pocket to go to Arizona and get it removed.

Nate: She had to pay out of her own pocket, that’s terrible.   How do you explain that 85% of Canadians are happy with their healthcare system?

Kimble: Would you like the NFL to have 3 downs instead of 4?

Nate: No, of course not.

Kimble: Would you like to eat your french fries with brown gravy or vinegar?

Nate: Not if my life depended on it.

Kimble: How about the metric systme?

Nate: Oh heck no.

Kimble: The Canadians are happy with all of those things.

Nate: Wow, they really aren’t very bright.

Kimble: No they’re not.   They make great lumberjacks, defensemen, or mounties, but you sure wouldn’t want to ask one to do math.

Nate: Good point.   I know this may be a touchy topic, so you don’t have to answer this, but how do you respond to people who say that the big reason you’re so against socialized medicine is because insurance company lobbyists donate heavily to your campaign?

Kimble: I don’t mind answering.   Look, it takes a lot of money to run for office in this country.  I get a lot of money from insurance company lobbyists, but I always make it clear up front that it won’t affect my vote.  Some of the most despicable people on the planet contribute to my campaign–pay day loan guys, crack dealers, companies that knowingly make defective baby toys.   You think I am beholden to all those people?

Nate: Well no of course not, you’d never be reelected.

Kimble: Exactly Nate.

Nate: Thank you for agreeing to this interview congressman.

Kimble: Thank you Nate.  You asked some real tough questions.  I like that.

Odds and Ends

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Well gee, you get a small link in Crooks and Liars and you get about 2000 hits.   That was a great little surprise .  There is actually snow on the ground in Chicago.  That’s really depressing right now.  I don’t have a lot to write about today.  Catholics vs Obama?  Can they both lose.  I am still on cloud nine after my first interview with a politician in several months.  Representative Kimble is the voice of the new Republican party and, if we want to regain the congress in 2010, we’ll listen to him.

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April 6, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Interview with US Representative Kimble

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In a Thatsrightnate first, we were lucky enough to land an interview with US Representative Jack Kimble (R-CA) who was one of the lucky Republicans to actually survive reelection this past November.  Representative Kimble is known for his conservative values as well as his keen financial mind that helped him run his family’s poultry business before becoming a member of the United States House.

Nate: Representative Kimble, it is indeed a pleasure to get the chance to interview you.

Rep. Kimble: The pleasure is all mine Nate.   Conservative blogs like yours are a big part of our strategy to counter the liberal media elite.

Nate: Thank you.  I’m glad to know you follow my blog.  Do you have a favorite article.

Rep.Kimble:  [Laughing] Well that’s one way to tell if I actually read it.  Your political commentary is great, but to be honest I really enjoy your music segments too.  I have favorited the Apache video by Tommy Seebach.  I have that song in my IPod now too.

Nate: Is it easier to be a freshman representative or to be in the minority?

Rep. Kimble: Unfortunately, I’ve never been in the majority.  They get the plum committee spots, the good offices, and such.  It is much better to be in the majority.

Nate: What is your main goal for this Congress?

Rep.Kimble: We wish to be a loyal, but agressive opposition to the President.  As he tries to take our country down the road to Socialism, we wish to put on the brakes.

Nate: If you do that, the country will owe you a great debt.  What kind of legislation would you like to pass?

Rep.Kimble:  I don’t understand the question.

Nate: I mean.  Are there laws that you would like to push through congress?

Rep. Kimble: Like legislation?

Nate: Yes.  We’re facing a large number of problems in this country right now.  The economy is in the tank, we have two wars going on, Iran, North Korea, medical costs keep rising, terrorism.  What would you like to get passed?

Rep.Kimble: Oh all that stuff is very important to us.

Nate: Great.  What would you like to see done?

Rep. Kimble: Well, uhm I think the  tax burden needs to be addressed….You know…The upper end of the tax bracket is ridiculous.

Nate:  Exactly.  Anything else?

Rep.Kimble: I think all publicly funded universities should offer classes in creationism.

Nate: I know Michelle Bachman hammered Obama hard about hypothetically getting rid of the dollar.   I’ve been strong about him hypothetically replacing English with Esperanto.  Glenn Beck has done a marvelous job stading up to hypothetical fascism.  Are there any hypothetical threats you would be opposed to?

Rep.Kimble: Pretty much all of them.   I’d add eliminating the tax exemption from churches and also repealing the 2nd amendment.

Nate: Those are good ones.  What are the main things your trying to stop in the Obama agenda?

Rep.Kimble:  AmeriCorps worries me.  This sounds like re-education camps for young people really.  This is just what Mao did you know.  Get these people out in the country and then turn them into puppets of the state.  I know it isn’t part of Obama’s agenda exactly, but I’m also troubled by what’s going on in Iowa.  You know that K-12 little children will be forced to learn that homsexuality is normal and they should try it and they will be given explicit instructions on how to do so.  We must protect our children from this.

Nate: Its scary what’s going on in this country.

Rep.Kimble: Thank you for having me on your blog Nate.  As Republicans, we haven’t always been as quick to embrace new media as we should.  It is great to have people like yourself on the frontlines of the cultural war.

Nate: Thanks for being here Representative Kimble.  I hope that you will come back again.

UPDATE: Congressman Kimble has joined many of his Republican colleagues in starting his own blog as a way of reaching his constituents.   It may be of some interest even to those of you who like me do not live in his district.

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April 5, 2009 at 12:19 pm