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Republicans Understand the Value of the Vote

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The most powerful thing in our country is one determined man (or woman now) and a ballot.  While the Democrat party seems to pay little attention to this, the Republicans respect this most important of all rights.  I am overwhelmed with emotion when I see my party proudly moving to protect the sanctity of the ballot box by remaining ever vigilant of voter fraud.

In Michigan, the Republicans have been using a list of foreclosures and challenging any names on the list who attempt to vote.  This is actually closer to the original concept of the founding fathers who wished to reserve the right to vote to proprty holders.

In Virginia, Republicans have warned college students at Virginia Tech about the dangers of voting.  Doing your civic responsibility is great, but you wouldn’t want to lose your college scholarship over it.  Would you?  It actually turns out that the law doesn’t work that way, but hey better safe than sorry right?

In Florida, a lawsuit allows the state to start fining voter registration groups who don’t submit voter registration applications within 10 days and before pre-election deadlines or else face fines.  A federal judge in Miami last month rejected a legal challenge from the League of Women Voters of Florida and other groups that conduct registration drives.

At least one of our parties still cares about the integrity of the voting process.  I urge the Democrats to give up their attempts to register people who have no business voting and compete honestly for the votes of more established and successful white voters with a long record of care for this country.


Written by thatsrightnate

September 11, 2008 at 8:44 pm