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Obama Rezko and Triple Rock

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It came out that the Governor of Illinois who is in this Rezko thing deeper than Obama took a one million dollar grant that was supposed to go to rebuild a historic black church that was severely damaged in a fire.  The school which was renting space at the Pilgrim Baptist Church was run by the Reverend Cleophus James.   You remember the good Reverend James right?

So now I’m thinking isn’t this a coincidence that nearly 20 years later, the Reverend James is involved in a scandal connected to Obama.  That is kind of a stretch don’t you think?


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April 6, 2008 at 9:25 am

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  1. With the unfortunate demise of the late Rev. James (Christmas, 2007), I fail to see how his inspiring and enlightened sermons could POSSIBLY EVER be blamed on ANY of the forthcoming difficulties that have surfaced between Rev. Wright and Sen. Obama.
    After all, The Rev. Pastor Cleofus James’ sermons invariably focused on the gospel of redemption. His message regarding the power of conversion (”When I awoke this morning I heard a disturbing sound…the sound of a thousand lost souls..Have you seen the LIGHT?” 😉 can be directly attributed to the conversion of one blatant ex-con and hardcore criminal, to go from a life of crime into being an honest musician.
    Likewise his inspired message to the Panther Burns, KY Tent Revival Meeting congregation (”Invoke…The Calling Of The Blood!”), can be attributed to the obviously miraculous transformation of a corrupt Chicago cop into (again!) an HONEST WORKING MUSICIAN!
    And of course, this says NOTHING about the late Rev. James’ openly stated and clear affections, (”Please, Please, Please…” 😉 where He demonstrates his absolute unwillingness to leave either the Church Or his Wife.
    In all, I have to say that the Rev, James is a credit to his community and a clear innovator in the evolution of Sacred Gospel music.
    How dare you besmirch his worthy reputation. Could it be that those who would denounce such an inspirational figure are bitten with the vices of jealousy and vanity?
    Perhaps if we could see how the good Reverend’s naysayers would do?
    Given his Pulpit, Choir, Musicians, and Congregation, could THEY effect such awe inspiring acts of faith as are attributed to the late Reverend James?
    Somehow I doubt it.

    Chris "The Anarchist" Ryan

    July 14, 2008 at 9:57 am

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